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  1. Looking to get a group together to do Flawless Raider on VoG (I don't have the DLC). Preferably level 30 minimum with a decent knowledge of how the raid works. GT: Si Alpha
  2. Looking for people to do United We Stand, Hold the Line and Podium Placing. GT: Si Alpha
  3. Looking to boost the two friend achievements. GT: Si Alpha
  4. Looking for a group to do Premade. GT: Si Alpha
  5. Thought I understood this system but apparently not. I just finished Requiem solo with a total score of 33233 (25k for par) and didn't get the achievement. According to the achievement, I've only achieved 60% of the score. I look at the carnage report again and see that under the players section, it says my name twice, both having earned 16932 points, which is about 60% of 25k. In game I peaked at around 38k and then started hemorrhaging points until I finished on 33233, which I assumed would still give me the achievement. Did I do something wrong? Am I missing something? Or has the game just randomly decided to split my score in two?
  6. Looking to boost "Sacred Land" if anyone is putting a group together. GT: Si Alpha
  7. I'm not personally berating everyone who is going to benefit from this, it's hardly their fault, and if I was in that camp I'd probably feel a little guilty, I'd avoid these discussions like wildfire and I'd be glad I dodged the bullet. I mean this is clearly ace for everyone who hasn't done it yet. I'm simply saying this is bullshit for those of us who did have to put in the time and effort, and it's weakness on the part of Respawn. If they crack this easily under fan pressure then I can see this being the first of many reductions to come. I understand your point about time, but ultimately if you're capable of doing this challenge in the first place then time won't be an issue. I got this at level 43 and even then I had a lot of games without eject kills and a lot of frustrating experiences with invisi-dicks and server lag. Even if you have less time available to play the game, you can still end up taking about as much actual game time to get the challenge done. And as for people who are stuck... isn't that really the point of a challenge? If that mentality was applied to every achievement ever then there wouldn't be any hard achievements. We could all just fail to meet the requirements and then get it done anyway. Some things really ought to be earned.
  8. Nah I'm sorry, this is bullshit. I did those 50 kills because there wasn't any other way to progress. It took time and a lot of frustration. Personally I didn't find it too hard, I had it by level 43 after non-stop LTS, and I absolutely agree that it's incredibly coincidental and utterly flawed by the inclusion of cloaking, but come the fuck on. If I put the time and effort into getting past Gen 5, so should everyone else. If I hadn't already done this, then yeah I would be jumping for joy. I'd understand people getting infuriated over it but personally I'd be relieved. But whether it's 5 or 50 or 500 is besides the point, everyone should have to accomplish the same goals to progress. This is a competitive multiplayer game, there shouldn't be any free passes. Respawn suggest that players were unable to enjoy the full Titanfall experience because of this OTT challenge - I say fuck that, the game remains the same whatever bloody generation you are. If you aren't capable of doing what other players do, why should you be rewarded? Imagine if they did this with something like Seriously 3.0? (Nemesis kills excluded) What if all those people had played the game to death, grinded out all those kills, decimated their electricity bills with all those idle games and then Epic turn around and divide the requirements by 10. How utterly livid do you think those players would be? Sorry but there just isn't any justifying this, and if you think there is then it's because you didn't do this yourself. This utterly invalidates any sense of accomplishment for high generation players because we all know this is what separates the Gen 5s from the Gen 6s and beyond. And whatever the fuck this recognition is for players who already did the challenge, I can't think of a single feasible thing that makes up for it. And I agree with most of what Lavindathar said, except personally if I had known in advance that this was going to happen, I wouldn't have expended all that time and mental effort into getting this done.
  9. Out of curiosity, does anyone know for certain how many people you need to start a match? I'm guessing 6 but I don't know for sure. Seeing as I never find anyone on the Japan West server, I'm wondering if this couldn't be done 3v3 by having two parties searching that server. Any reasons why not?
  10. Chaingun without the accelerator, Last Titan Standing. It's not foolproof and you'll always have to deal with invisidicks, plus it helps to have a team that knows how to control the field, but regardless it's still the easiest way to do it besides boosting. Managed 8 kills on ejecting pilots in a single 5 round match earlier. Kinda pissed I'm not a high enough generation for it count in the long run but hey at least I got Pull!
  11. Does anyone know how to get the special salvage crate drop? Seems like it should be an easy platinum, and for me it's either that or the hole in one. And I hate golf.
  12. Or alternatively, host the Taking Off race at the airport, set the vehicles to Motorcycles, choose the Bati and go from one end of the runway to the other. Easy, doesn't cost a thing. Make sure you have a fairly good speed before you start the wheelie and just hold the stick all the way down until you reach the other end, then release. Don't know if anybody mentioned this already, but on the Downtown Underground race there is a jump you have to take - in a Super I was getting credit towards the 300 foot jump every single time. Also, the Road Rage medal can be done with just two people if that wasn't already clear. Has to be 3 kills on any players, not 3 different players.
  13. Still looking for someone to help out with the Under Pressure license plate, happy to return the favour or help out with any cheevs/wrecks you need. GT: Si Alpha
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