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  1. The puzzles are the same, they just tweaked some parameters to make it a bit less challenging. It is still pretty hard though.
  2. Apps are included in completion total on XB1 max clubs.

  3. Howdy napo. Just wanted to say congratulations on hitting 100,000 and entering the eternal ranks of XBA masters! You are XBA member 546 to hit the milestone. Check out your place in history HERE.

  4. Your X1 sign ups have been processed. :)

  5. Has anybody had a problem with Felucia in a Flash. I just finished playing through two times front to back without stopping, and it doesn't pop. I got the Savior of Coruscant the first time through. On top of that, when I go back and select the Felucia mission, it is as if I haven't even played through. The only thing unlocked is Felucia 1. Nothing saved as being completed in Felucia. I guess I will try on another save file. Edit: Different save file fixed it.
  6. Holy crap this is killing me. Half of the time they don't fly by where I am. The other half I am getting hammered by the tanks than spawn from the previous alert. I was level 9 when I started trying for this. What is the earliest level that they will spawn, and is there a good location on the map to have these come after you where you won't get crushed trying to line up a shot.
  7. I have heard starting again on save slot 2 works. I started on 2 and had no problems.
  8. I figured out my own stupidity. You have to let the 80 minutes run out kick the ball out of bounds or something, then let the extra period run out, then kick the drop goal.
  9. If I recall correctly, you download the dlc from the marketplace, and you also have to go in the game menus and download/make sure the game recognizes you have the dlc. Also they are seamlessly added to the appropriate desks, the case folders should have the same names as the dlcs.
  10. Its been awhile, but I believe you just go to the appropriate desk and start it up.
  11. I don't call those achievements hard. I call them stupid. They are only there so that the developers can say "Hey, look at all of the replay value our game has."
  12. I am assuming this can only be done in the World Cup tournament. I have tried on International test with the extra time set to both sudden death and extra time and it didn't work.
  13. I had the game lock up twice while the ai was substituting for an injury. I just turned off injuries and that solved the problem.
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