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  1. Need most of the DLC achievements, will help in return. GT: Teh Ianator
  2. All the dlc was for sale on steam, so I bought them all at once before ever having played the game. The achievement says I need to download the free preview but I only have the option of redownload because I already own all the planes. Have I screwed myself out of the achievement? Edit: After downloading all the dlc and starting the game up again the achievement popped for me.
  3. The only achievement I have left is Completionist, unfortunatly I killed Crawmerax on playthrough 2 instead of 1. I would like help either killing Crawmerax on playthrough 1 or completing the Circle of Duty Quests on playthough 2. Gamertag: Teh Ianator Current Level: 62
  4. So I pulled something really stupid, and managed to complete You. Will. Die. on playthough 2 instead of 1. On playthrough 1 I have every single quest done, except for You. Will. Die. On playthough 2 I have You. Will. Die. completed, but not Marcus's quests or the Circle of Duty quests. My achievement hasn't unlocked, so I assume that I either have to kill Crawmerax again on playthough one, or complete all the difficult high leveled miscellaneous quests on playthough two. Am I correct in assuming that? And does any max level character want to do me a favor and help me get this last achievement easier? Currently level 61.
  5. Looking to do Top of the Heap, Metropolis, and Lord of Carcassonne. Gamertag: Teh Ianator
  6. Could anyone post the seed and coordinates where you found a dungeon?
  7. I've sent friend requests to everyone on the list.
  8. Teh Ianator I'm on for most of the afternoon most days, live in mountain time zone -7 GMT.
  9. I need the Lucien, Hammer, and Reaver Dolls. I currently have 16 spare Hero Dolls and 1 spare Theresa Doll that I can trade for the dolls I need. I also have lots of spare gold to trade for dolls if you would like to trade for that.
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