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  1. Need help with the last achievements I need any one who can help please message me GT Zechayhev
  2. Need help with that mine you found? Disarmed! Gt: Zechayhev
  3. Looking for multiplayer boosting Hans Velsing
  4. I started a second save and they arnt appearing on it any ideas?
  5. Looking for someone to do wolf pack discovery with Gt Hans Velsing
  6. coming online now looking for someone to criminal records boost with, swap wins you can win first. GT: Hans Velsing will be on for a few hours so just message me in game to see if im still on
  7. awesome lost my coquette took ages to save for that
  8. could you send me an invite please
  9. need some help making money anyone willing to help invite me: Hans Velsing
  10. Looking for someone to invite me to missions to help boost my level only level 11 IGN: Hans Velsing
  11. im level 10 and looking for a higher level to invite me to thier mission to help me level up would be greatly appreciated IGN: Hans Velsing
  12. Its the tavern that Haythem stays in when he first gets to Boston cant remmember the name, Green Dragon or something like that
  13. Thanks!, guess im going to have to check them all as I have completed the story now :/
  14. i bought all the chest maps for boston, however i have a chest that is missing in boston central, no icon for it on the map whatsoever help please
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