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  1. I'll be on this afternoon boosting Criminal Records. 2 laps, loser leads 1st lap, winner takes 2nd lap, then we alternate. I DO NOT HAVE A MIC, but alternating wins isnt rocket science. If you're interested, shoot me a message/FR. GT is: chaffreyy Thanks in advance.
  2. Can anyone give me an idea of how long it takes to rank up from 90-100? I'm doing 2/3 laps on Criminal Records. Does the rate stay constant as it has? Or am I to expect the last 10 levels to be a grind?
  3. I'd like to find someone to do Criminal Records with, i'll be on for a few hours tonight. No mic, 3 laps, alternate laps & wins. If you are interested shoot me a message/FR, my gt is chaffreyy. Thanks in advance for any help.
  4. I'll be online for the rest of the night doing Criminal Records. 3 laps, alternate winning, no mic. Shoot me a FR if you are interested, GT is chaffreyy.
  5. Yea, give it a little while. I had the same problem, at first mine was 11/11 & then it went to 12/12. Finally, though I dont know if time or story progression triggered it, the 13th one showed up. I've found this is the case with all the hobbies/pastimes. ex: street races, offroad races, & the triathlons.. All the latter events have taken time to show up. Hope this helps.
  6. Awesome! I've already unlocked "Multi-Disciplined," so im just concerned with finishing this grueling race. Now that im at home playing, I cant get the 3rd triathlon to pop up. I finished the 2nd one, got the notification staying a new race was available (little running dude icon), but when I go to the map the triathlon option only has 2 choices. I've waited 24+ hours in game, still nothing. Does story progression trigger this? Or is it just a matter of time? Hella thanks for any help.
  7. WTF!? I was hoping absurd amounts of button mashing would end with KIFFLOM! Thankfully gold is not required! (Please correct me if gold is required for any specific reason.)
  8. Can someone tell me if "Key to the city" can be completed after the story? It seems self explanatory & I feel like the answer is yes, it can be. I just want to make sure, as this will decide if I play through the story once, or twice. Thanks for the insight.
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