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  1. Same issue for me. Pulled my achievements on the day things launched and no updates since - gamerscore and Log haven't changed. I've fully completed Adventure Time since and nothing is showing. A number of other issues that might be just me but maybe impact other people. 1) It says I've unlocked only 985 achievements total and have 15 left to unlock. When in reality I've got over 22k...... 2) Shows me having 100% completion in every Most Popular Genre in my top five - which seems impossible. 3) Same as above for most popular publisher (including a load I don't even own all the games for) - except I also somehow have 100.14% completion for Bethesda Softworks. 4) Same for most popular franchise for achievements - this time I have 100.71% for Dead Rising (not played them all) and 100.26% for Gears of War (not played them all). 5) Also my best streak only shows 11 days from this year, when I've had at least 50 days before. Does this maybe only track the last 12 months? Unrelated but is there someway we can view other peoples stats? As that would be pretty handy - same for being able to easily compare with other people. Assume that's in the works if not.
  2. After doing some reading around it seems that buried in the T&C's somewhere is that your score only counted for a week from the day you registered - rather than for the full duration of the timeframe they stated. That's why a lot of the winners and scores are way lower than anyone expected. It also seems like that particular caveat (for the timescale of the event) was only in the T&Cs for some countries and not others but whoever was running the event has just applied it to every country. This sucks to see, as the number of people that have literally burnt themselves out to do well and been screwed is astounding - one of the UK based winners is also in the US for example (Phnar, I think) which just makes it extra weird. It also seems that MS wasn't running this directly but rather through a third party which may explain the mess.
  3. Just to clarify - TA doesn’t scrape the Xbox servers anymore, as they’re given direct access to the achievement feeds which came about as a result of the app. The reason we were salty about it at the time is that MS used to run a dev programme for third party sites and the old style HTML scraping was explicitly against their TOS. But they for some reason turned a blind eye to TA doing it and let them in that same programme regardless. It wasn’t just us that were effected either, as Mygamercard were essentially shut down by scraping sites (not just TA) and said as much in their closing down post. They’d complained to MS at the time about the uneven playing field and MS did nothing. We had close contacts with people at Xbox at the time who said they could have blocked the TA servers from scraping Xbox.com but that obviously never happened. A site getting big and popular is good news for them, simple as that. Staff at the time took what we thought was the moral high ground by not following suit and it’s fair to say that in hindsight that was a bad call. Then a few years later we priced ourselves out of the app project after being approached and the rest is history. Though I would agree with Pants that the app itself was irrelevant pretty quickly thanks to Snap being ditched by MS. Which was a weird move but I believe they did that, and scrapped some other features, to free up memory space for bigger games. The real prize was/is the achievement feeds. Having said that, I’ve been told we’ve had that exact same access for the last five years - so the fact the update is still pending is baffling. I get wanting to sort bugs and add features but at some point it has to be pushed out the door. There will always be bugs, TA still has bugs, but they can be fixed once things are live as well. Fingers crossed we all live to see it and it’s beautiful. Lol.
  4. I have more good memories than bad, I guess I just fell out of favour with some staff recently - no idea what happened, but I only use the site sporadically now so I guess it’s no big deal.


    My daughter recently started school so time really has flown - ironically her being born is what led to me spending less time on the site, then being removed as staff etc. SO THIS IS ALL HER FAULT! Lol.


    Have a good one.

  5. No worries, jack. Hopefully this hasn't soured your opinion of XBA too much. Even if you've had some negative interactions with current staff over the last few years, you still have friends here that wish you posted and hung out more.


    I hope you and your family are doing well, too! Your little one isn't so little anymore, are they? Time flies.


    Stay safe :)

  6. Thanks for your comments. I won't bump the thread again. It is what it is, I guess. Hope you're doing well in these trying times.

  7. I feel I have to clarify some points because, as expected, I'm being vilified as the bad guy. I won't quote peoples post as that would just create a wall of text (he says - then writing a wall of text). First of all this claim that I damaged the community or site when I took down my guides in February. The guides were NEVER removed from the front page. So the full achievement guides for every game I'd ever done were still available for every site user. At worst a link to the walkthrough didn't work on four of them and that could have been remedied by simply deleting the link and then the guides would be fine. The copies on the forums were what I removed and I also removed the walkthroughs for the Souls games and Broken Sword 5 - but you could 100% complete all of these games just with my achievement guides, I'd only written the walkthroughs all as a pet project due to my love for each game so they weren't required at all. Now I did ask Pants (wrong person to ask I know) if he would remove the front page guides as well at the time - but he never responded and I just thought "fuck it" and left them up as the front page is probably more useful to the general user than the forums. I never chased their removal and was happy for them to stay there. The only reason I'm now asking for them to be removed from both areas is because of subsequent events which I've already detailed. An overall response to everyone because the common theme seems to be "some staff have treated you badly, but..." and there is a lot of emphasis being placed on that BUT right there. At what point am I allowed to do something? Should I just ignore the behaviour of senior staff and let the site as a whole keep benefiting from my work? Because the consensus here seems to be that no matter what staff do/have done then I should just turn the other cheek so that the "community" can still access my work. If I move my guides from this site they can still be found on the internet, just not on this site and really what other power do I have in this situation? Blakgravys first response says it all "It does not concern me why you did it" - he doesn't care, he didn't reach out, neither did any staff when my access was removed in Feb - but they had time to tell each other what was happening (because bplayak told Pants and presumably other senior staff what he was doing but not me). Literally my only request was to have access to four old boards that are no longer really used, because a lot of my work was stored there. That access gave me zero mod powers in any way and would have been invisible to anyone else on site. We can argue the rights and wrongs all day for both sides, but I have no power here. My only currency is my work and if the site wants to cut ties with me then I'm perplexed why I should happily leave all my work here for their benefit. As I say, they were down for three months before a member noticed and posted a comment - maybe more people noticed and didn't say anything - but I don't think I've done massive harm to the site as the footfall on the forums is tiny now which we can all agree is a massive shame from the sites heyday. Puppys: I'm sorry you wasted a lot of time on your guide, it sucks when that happens (and it's happened to me before) but obviously I could have never known about the amount of work you put in. I have no vendetta against the site at all. If anything it's the opposite and long term members will vouch for the amount of times I've gone to bat for this place, especially when TA were being absolute shits for a long period of time. Pretty much everything I've ever posted or written has been purely for the benefit of this place and I've taken unpaid leave from work to attend events to support the site countless times, at no other benefit to myself. Claiming I have a vendetta against a place that I have poured hours of my personal time into is wide of the mark. I also never went straight to the admins. I first sent a message to Blakgravy and Pants, then I posted this thread. Then I got the aggressive response here so then I went to the sites owner. I never wanted to bother him at all. Deg: I'm glad my guide helped you back in the day and I have great memories of most of my time on this site. I was never a big tournament contestant but when I did enter I always tried to go all out - especially in the completion event. Good times. Spanish: I believe we butted heads when you first joined, but since then I'd like to think we've always gotten on. I'm not really attacking anyone, I tried to reach out to people privately and got nowhere so hence this thread. Did I want this to be the end result? No. As I said, I was happy to leave my front page guides up but now here we are. My only reason for mentioning other staff at all here is to get their feedback, as that's the only way anything gets resolved in the end. As for saying "not that you care" and "I guess you can sleep better" - c'mon now, that's just sheer hyperbole and beneath you. I quite obviously care a lot about this site or I wouldn't have spent so much time here. Like I say, the community here isn't what it was so isn't going to be crushed by the lack of these guides. As for getting what I wanted - I don't think anyone here has got what they wanted and the whole situation is a shame. (Oh, I'm also not blogging - I just moved the guides there so I'd have a record of my work. Keeping up a regular blog is hard work yo). teppy: Pants is a cool dude, and the person I was probably closest to on this site as we shared a fairly similar outlook. I've played games with him, loaned him PAL RPG's, and still chatted with him on his blog here and on twitter. If anything he was the main reason I kept coming back. I know he's busy, he is probably the hardest working guy here, but when I messaged him back in Feb and he told me why my access had been removed we had an amicable conversation about me taking down my guides (again he disagreed with that) and him sending me any content I wanted. But suddenly he stopped responding. I can only assume one of two things: That he disagreed with my approach and decided on his own to just ignore me or that he'd discussed it with other staff and they had told him not to help me or respond. Knowing Pants I'd lean towards the latter explanation but who knows. I don't doubt for a second though that other senior staff here (not all staff - just to clarify) were informed about what we discussed, as that would just be common sense. I will say he supported my access being removed, which is fine, but was prepared to help me get the stuff I'd lost access to. Until suddenly he wasn't. So I dunno. All staff by now have seen this thread so he is free to respond either here or via PM. Again, maybe expecting Pants to deal with this was a mistake on my part - fully agree. So I feel bad, and said so in my messages to him, about putting any and all of this on him and offered to take it to other staff if he wasn't comfortable. I attach no blame to him and don't feel comfortable mentioning him as I'm sure he did his best. Imaginary: I've always written guides both for the pleasure of writing them, especially the walkthroughs, and to help other people enjoy games I've loved playing (except Pure Football - that game was a piece of shit and writing the guide for that felt like slapping a warning sign on it). Removing the guides feels like a last resort really as I have no other avenues other than just walking away and leaving my work behind - which doesn't feel right to me. Hope that explains some points. I understand if people are angry and/or frustrated - me too. This is not a situation I ever thought would come about either and it's pretty much the worst result all around. So sorry for bumming you all out and any potential harm to the community but the site stance is pretty clear so I don't feel in a position to back down either. Have a great weekend all.
  8. I appreciate all of your responses. I’ve spoken to Webb and he has agreed to delete all my guides on the forums and front pages (not sure who is handling each). So I’m glad a reasonable conclusion could be reached. Just one addition - I’ve seen a couple of people saying I’m mad at the lack of updates, individual staff etc, but that is not the case as like most of you I just considered it a running issue. It had no influence on me. Nor have I used this thread to air all my supposed grievances - I’ve talked about this one issue and the events that led to it. (Also, necro I think I must have misspoke as I don’t need help moving the guides anywhere - sorry that was unclear). I wanted my guides removed purely because of the dire communication and fact any questions or criticisms were ignored. I felt unfairly targeted. Maybe I was wrong but this thread and official response is not really persuading me otherwise. If the site staff don’t support users then why should I support the site? It’s easy to take the moral high ground of helping “the community” while insulting me. Frankly even after my first post I’d have been prepared to reconsider but the subsequent posts have put paid to that. As I said it IS petty - but so is the official response. I will say that maybe I shouldn’t have reached out to Webb and Pants, but they are the two people I know best on the site and as I said communication from elsewhere has been lacking. Would my guides have been removed if I messaged the right person? We’ll never know. So I hold my hands up to that. So thanks for those that responded etc and I guess this is resolved. I have no hard feelings for anyone here and hope the upcoming update goes well.
  9. Melting in the UK heat (I’m sure it’s probably mild compared to you) but all good thanks. I have no real malice towards Blakgravy as my only interaction has been this chain of events, and his only attempt to communicate with me his been his post here. No one spoke to me when they axed my access in Feb. I said I was going to remove my guides and wanted them off the front page - no response. I asked for copies of my draft work - no response. I’m now getting told off for not speaking to staff AND for sending a VM asking why my stuff was back up. How do I win? So when he deleted my messages and then spent time checking/editing the guides I removed rather than responding - that rubbed me up the wrong way, but maybe I’m reading too much into it. His response here is probably done by committee, so I have no idea really what everyone’s thoughts are. I appreciate your candor but communication here has been appalling and it seems the staff stance is now to say that they own all volunteers work forever and won’t remove it even with a reasonable request. That bums me out and if I thought that my Souls walkthroughs, which took me weeks of work, would be snatched from me by the site on some TOS ambiguity then I simply wouldn’t have posted them. I appreciate you commenting though, cheers.
  10. So remove the front page guides as well. I asked for that to happen in February. Or if you aren’t prepared to do that then simply remove the links from those guides. The guides are complete without my walkthroughs - simple as that. I never even gave permission for the last two Souls guides to go on the front page - the guide team just put them up on their own. Also your argument makes no sense for the other guides, which aren’t linked to the front page at all. You can hide behind the Terms of Service if you want, I have made a simple request and you can choose to either honour it or double down (which is obviously the route you’ve chosen). My posts were made to serve the community, not you, and if I chose to remove them then that is also my right. You may not need permission but what happened to just being polite? You didn’t even notice they were gone for over three months, so it seems the harm to the site/community was minimal. What doesn’t look good on the site is the super mods and admins using people’s content without their permission. Then having a behind the scenes discussion about how to close down the conversation. Also your last paragraph makes no sense. I DID reach out to you via VM before posting this and you ignored it. Just as Pants ignored my message to him. You had plenty of time to respond. So then I made this post and, again rather than responding, you made a whistle stop your of all my guides you’d replaced to make sure they were edited/locked down. My VM wasn’t inappropriate at all - it asked why you’d put the posts back. You removing them makes it look like you have something to hide as they were totally innocuous. The only inappropriate thing is it made you look bad. Communication is a two way street, so at what point after you knew my guides were down did you reach out to me? As most of the other staff have read this post I’d also be interested to know their thoughts. TL DR - please take them down. Also if any senior staff want to discuss this amicably then hit up my PMs. Thanks.
  11. Well no one is stopping anyone posting the other side of it, as so far three supermods, four mods and an admin have viewed this thread - but haven't yet responded. So it is what it is. As for the terms you posted they are generic to every forum and I would very much doubt my walkthroughs, for example, could be published by this site in a book of some kind without my agreement. It's also worth noting that I'm allowed to be responsible for my posts, and I edited them to remove the content over three months ago and they remained that way for the duration. So presumably there is actually no loss to the site for them being absent. You can argue the legalities forever, as it's a grey area that has never been taken to court. I have no desire to get into legal wranglings, I've simply made a request and it's just a matter of politeness really. I've asked that they be removed and I can't see a valid reason why the site wouldn't do so. I also think it's also fairly clear to see that certain staff members have made every effort to ignore my wishes and erase evidence of my requests so think of that what you will.
  12. The obvious difference is that you are paid for your work and signed a contract to that effect. My posts here were voluntary and don’t belong to this site in perpetuity. The mods here can edit and delete any post they see fit, I’ve no doubt that’s in the rules. However, I’m literally asking, politely, for them to be removed. So I see no reason not to agree other than the fact the site still wants to profit from my unpaid efforts. I don’t expect them to be removed sadly, but maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised. The irony is that I only noticed because I was using the site for achievement help.
  13. I’ve not been a mod for years, so haven’t suddenly decided to be upset by that. What I did take issue with was losing access to where a lot of my review work (again mainly done for free) was stored - with no communication. I asked a bunch of people about it and was ignored. That access gave me zero mod powers at all. At that point I decided that if the site didn’t want to have any kind of reasonable communication with me then I’d move my voluntarily posted guides elsewhere. Also, saying anything posted here can be used by the site as they see fit is 100% false. I could not delete my posts, not being a mod, so I edited out the material. Blakgravy then took it upon himself to undo those edits without consulting me. The walkthroughs in particular are my work, a lot of it, and do not belong to this site - and as they haven’t even attempted the reasonable step of talking to me then I’d rather they were taken down. I don’t find any of my requests unreasonable and wish nothing but the best for the site and people who still use it going forward.
  14. Lol - blakgravys immediate response is to go into my old guides (starting with CSI Hard Evidence) and put a disclaimer saying “originally posted by jackanape” and assume that covers what you are doing. While still ignoring me/this post. Come on man, that is super shitty. Edit: he has now deleted the messages I posted on his visitor wall asking why he’d put my guides back, and then why he was going back and editing them today. Other super mods and higher will still be able to see the deleted messages if they want to check.
  15. I’ve done a lot of unpaid work for this site, as many people have, in terms of mod work, reviews, previews, guides and roadmaps. When my mod access was removed ages ago due to inactivity, I understood it but was annoyed that no one even reached out to me beforehand for any kind of discussion - it just happened and then I got one PM and no further follow up. However, I was given superficial “front page” access so I could still see and post in four of the older staff boards - mainly where all of my reviews were stored. As I’d often written and saved my drafts directly on the site, and all the editing back and forth was in there, which I found quite helpful and still referenced. So that was fair enough. I had no mod powers as the access literally just let me see/post in those boards. I still popped into the site now and then but the forums are pretty dead, and in February I saw that we were still waiting for the promised site update so made a post in the staff board to see what was happening (referencing an old thread). No one responded at all and then a day later my minor access had been revoked entirely with no kind of message etc. I reached out to Pants and Webb (who I know quite well) and though Pants was sympathetic he has nothing to do with forum stuff, and had been told by bplayak the day before that he was going to remove me (because I wasn’t active enough - which didn’t seem to apply to a bunch of staff that hadn’t been on the site in weeks/months at that point) and Webb just shut me down out of hand. No one on the community team even bothered messaging with any kind of explanation. So I decided to move the guides I’d made, including some walkthroughs for three Dark Souls games (which took me hundreds of hours to write and edit) to my personal blog and remove them from the forums. I also asked Pants to remove my guides from the front pages. Which never happened. He did offer to email me any content I couldn’t access too, but that never happened either. This may seem petty, it is, but I tried to talk to people first. I should also point out that I never even submitted at least two (might be more) of these guides to be published on the front page, they were just “found” on the forums by the guide team and I only got informed they’d been put up after the fact. And the walkthroughs were ONLY on the forums anyway so if I remove them it’s my choice - staff here just sneakily putting them back and locking the threads is theft of my work, simple as. Now it seems no one noticed they were gone/edited for months until at the end of May a user posted on one guide and asked where it had gone. Blackgravy then took it upon himself to restore every guide I had removed and lock the threads to prevent me editing them. Again no attempt was made to contact me in any way. End of the day, this site works (or used to) due to volunteers and my guides are not the property of this place to use as they see fit. So putting them back up behind my back is pretty shitty especially after the other passive aggressive nonsense on top. Perhaps the current staff do not like me, which is fine, but please be reasonable and do as I ask. They are older games anyway and clearly no one noticed the loss for months. Prior to posting this I also sent Blakgravy a message on site - which has been ignored. And Pants another message on Twitter - also ignored. Both have been active on said sites since I sent my messages. So I guess the overall agreed response from staff is just to ignore me, use my content without permission and hope I go away. Which is pretty upsetting. I’m sure this will get locked or I’ll be called names or whatever, clearly I’ve burnt some bridges or people have burnt them for me, but thanks for reading and if you do respond I hope it’s constructive. Hopefully the big update - which my curiosity about started this whole thing - will emerge soon enough and this site will be awesome again. So best of luck to all.
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