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  1. Even 3 years after this thread was started its still a massive:Yes this game is worth buying & playing!! I picked up Dragon Age 2 a week ago on sale & loved it almost immediately,so much so that 5 days later I got myself a copy of 'Dragon Age Origins:Ultimate Edition' which has every dlc & the 'Awakening' expansion pack for the first game,all £50 worth of content for £15 for a mint pre-owned copy.I couldn't be happier with it & I'm certainly not the worlds biggest Fantasy RPG fan-I can't get on with Elder Scrolls-but I really like the lore,the characters & the gameplay of the 'Dragon Age' franchise. I highly recommend it & cannot wait till 'Dragon Age:Inquisition' comes out later this year!
  2. Whilst I get where you are coming from as I too prefer a text guide,in this games case it'd be very tricky to describe in text the location of all 150+ collectibles.This is a great guide to a very recently released game,I've used it ocassionally for the odd artifact here & there but to be honest pretty much 95% of them are easy to find & you'll walk right over or passed them whilst playing the story. Even if you do miss something & you need to use the videos,the location ie Church,Museum is always displayed at the bottom.At the most I had 2 tabs open,1 for the 'Codex graffiti' as that's all over town & hidden til you reveal it & the 2nd tab I scrolled between the 'Ghost story' vids & 'Bell killer' artifacts. Nice work Redemption,much appreciated.Asturgis maybe you want to start writing a followable,user friendly text guide?
  3. Yeah this guide is no where near specific enough-I've had to restart 2 chapters now after checking on a youtube video guide for more detail.I know the guide was put up with good intentions but its not right,so should be removed.
  4. Thanks buddy-I have to agree this is the best or easiest point-farming method.I was using Ada 2.3,getting 26k in 5/6minutes but on Jakes 4.3 including destroying crates-18k in 2/3 minutes stress free!
  5. Same here,i was near the end of my normal runthrough when I first saw this thread and as some of my reflexes were painfully slow levelling up I thought what the heck.Its a bit cheap really as the game is not too difficult even on hard-just a bit repetitive with a couple of troublesome bosses.Anyway who cares,its just a game,the cheats are there for a reason and if you follow the guide the achievements still unlock. I am on my hard runthrough now and will update if anything doesn't work.
  6. Nice one Airborne Richard-followed your advice to the letter and got the 100g at the end.Its so easy to accidentally trigger drinking the sleg-especially under fire but its done now anyway. Cheers buddy!
  7. I'll try to keep this brief cos I feel I could write loads after countless hours and cups of coffee trying and finally succeeding in getting this. It is a tough achievement,i don't care what anyone says-they are either lying or massaging their own ego if they say otherwise! 1-Know each chapter and its tough spots well,this will help you plan your saves. 2-Be persistent and patient,you will die or fail but as long as you learn from it,you will be better prepared next time round. 3-The weapon/suit dlcs are useful in getting better kit from the start.I never rated the Force gun but after this I love it-a life saver-also the Contact beam and its Stasis special fire is awesome,it kills the final marker boss in 3 shots!I had the Plasma cutter too,went with 3 guns over 2-just felt more comfortable that way. 4-Use a walkthrough/guide in text/video but stick to your play style as blindly following a guide could do more harm than good.I started with one but on my 3rd and ultimately successful attempt I didn't use it at all and honestly was better for it. 5-Finally,this is always said,try to get through disc1 without saving or at least aim to have 2 saves left at the start of chaptr 10- Ishimura.This made the difference for me,it really did! Good luck!!
  8. After I recently completed DS3 100% I thought i'd revisit DS2 and attempt Hardcore mode for the 1st time.There are some great threads with good advice on this site and i'll quickly share my thoughts on a tough achievement.I don't care what anyone says-this is a tough achievement,especially if like me you do NO 'infinite power nodes/credits' glitching on Chptr 1.If you do want to do that obviously feel free to do so.So here goes: 1-Do at least 1 normal playthru to familiarise yourself with enemy spawns,potential trouble spots you have as like me they may well be different to other peoples,this will help you plan your 3 saves better. 2-Although I did no 'duplicating' I did get 2 weapon/suit dlcs-Martial Law and Supernova-which give you the 'Bloody force gun','Heavy duty contact beam' and a slightly better suit from the start.I had never rated the force gun but when upgraded it is awesome especially up close when surrounded,as is the contact beam which destroys Brutes,stalkers and the final marker 'boss' in 3 shots-plus it special upgrade adds stasis which is invaluable at times,especially the last 3/4 chptrs.Obviously the Plasma cutter aswell for precision shooting.I went with the 3 gun approach over 2,its up to you,i just felt more comfortable that way. 3-My saves were end of 8,after Brutes on 10-always found these easy-and my last was 13 after seeing Ellie off.Everyone says this,and for good reason,try to get through disc 1 with no save,having 2 saves from 10 onwards makes all the difference! 4-Finally,and it took 2 fails to realize this,DON'T GIVE UP,BE PATIENT & PERSISTENT! Each failed attempt helps & you learn from it,better prepared next time round. I hope this helps you to get a very challenging,but rewarding achievement.Plus you unlock the 'Hand Cannon' which helps you blaze through the 'zealot' difficulty playthru in 3 hours-Awesome after fighting through on Hard Core. Good luck!!
  9. I think your putting yourself on a pedestal saying something like that-just cos 2 or 3 vids/posts involve taking guards down,you feel or presume your the only one not doing it! Its all down to personal choice,i always try for the 'ghost' option where possible-it can save u a ton of trouble done right-but I have to admit that the 'panther' playthrough I did was more fun and enjoyable than the 'ghost' run.The 'assault' style of play does kind of defeat the object of a 'Splinter Cell' game but again its all down to the individuals choice.
  10. Very useful thread this one,some of the reports give you decent clues to help decipher them but others are just random-to me anyway,happen i'm just not smart enough,who knows-but as I said this is a handy thread so thank you!
  11. Sorry for double-posting but just thought i'd confirm that I got all 6 kills with the SC-15 silenced pistol so I don't think the weapon used matters really.
  12. Thank you,thank you,thank you! This was really doing my head in,i too had watched the vids,tried them out on numerous occasions but to no avail-had my Mrs timing me with a stopwatch for gods sake-then I saw this thread,read all the posts,loaded up the game and tried video #1's area first and failed. So I moved onto video #2's area,tried exactly like the video and failed THEN I read BiggD's description on how he did it and BOOM I got it first time doing it that way-so THANK YOU guys especially BiggD,i really appreciate the guide and specifically this achievement!!
  13. I can't see if anyones posted this one yet: MISSION : FINDING TERRORISTS- start point-Regina,SK 1-Seattle 2-Faroe Islands,North of Scotland 3-New Mexico Option-After Hope that helps,i came on looking for the answer but it wasn't here so had to do it myself-whats the world coming to,eh? EDIT:I swear it wasn't here when I started looking for the answer-must have been posted between me looking for it then actually doing the 'mission' then coming back to post the answer! Oh well its been posted 3 times now but the miision name was incorrect on the previous one.
  14. Not sure if this is true but a friend told me the 'offshore account' can be used to kit out your safe house WITH an update coming soon to add this-although I now have $178million plus change so unless i'm adding an airstrip and private jet I can't see me spending that kind of money!!
  15. I'm at lvl 52 now-once you get past 50 the xp needed to lvl up grows and grows.The game is very addictive and great fun playing with my mates-haven't enjoyed a co-op game this much in a long time.
  16. This is welcome news.The game is damn addictive,especially when played with friends,getting to lvl 100 is going to take some time so any added content would be great-in terms of jobs to do and more guns/mods cos you can never enough of those!!
  17. Luckily since release date,and due to my persistence in getting good friends to buy the game,i have thoroughly enjoyed 99% of the online play.I kind of knew that with randoms this game could be frustrating at times and on the odd occasion I've played alone I have experienced much of the same issues. All I can say my Scottish friend is send me a friend request as we can always make room for a new crew-member-then hopefully you'll enjoy this game as much as I have. As a co-op experience,when playing as a unit,this game is second to none-even L4D-in my humble opinion anyways!!
  18. Nice guide,keep it coming.I am almost certain that the '35 second heist' and 'Day 1 Framing frames' are only unlocking for the host-have tried 6/7 times on each mission with different friends and only the host got it each time however this should be patched in an update coming soon-along with a fix for repeated mods/masks/patterns-I have 8 bloody 'electric center' patterns,all one after the other.Great game though!
  19. I am not 100% on this but if you go to storage on dashboard I have only done low chaos on KoD but there is a save file specifically marked 'low chaos' so maybe we'll be given the option of choosing low or high save file when we start WoB.If someone who has done both high and low on KoD could let us know if they have a save file for each this,then that would make me think we could choose save files.
  20. I don't think they are monitoring it really cos I've just started doing online and apart from 2 matches with a friend every other has had some kind of mod/hacked opponent-really spoils it-can't do with cheats.
  21. Hi buddy-I've just reviewed your Triple H reel and Backfire move-hope it helps!
  22. Hi mate,sorry its taken awhile for me to get back to you,i've been AFK in Turkey for 10 days but am back now and will msg u on XBL.
  23. Hi Peeps,I have 5 items to be reviewed if anyone is willing to do that for me-I will gladly return the favour.Keyword is-CORVO Also looking to do all the MP cheevos aswell at some point so msg me please. Cheers!!
  24. Same here-I am sure it will be worth the wait.The low/high chaos saves from the 'Knife of Dunwall' carry over so we'll get to see how our decisions affect the outcome-which is kind of cool.
  25. I know right.Just started going through the trials AGAIN and they are so hard and not enjoyable really.I would think this will be more or less the same as 'The Knife of Dunwall' with it being the conclusion of Dauds story-therefore it should be a joy to play-with a variety of achievements to go with it.
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