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  1. Online now to get the collectible achievement, add me. GT: KindredPOKER
  2. She is pretty good at games, this was the final version of The Sims according to the rep, and she wasn't exaggerating. Hopefully they will reconsider this being the final version or release an update for it at some point, guess we will have to wait and see, I'll be getting it regardless.
  3. My mother was talking to the head of Bethesda at a conference the other day, she asked him on behalf of me if there was another TES game coming soon, he said, "I can't say anything officially, but we are going to be making a big announcement soon". Fingers crossed?
  4. My mother has just got back from a gaming convention in London as part of her work. She got to play Sims 3 on 360 while she was there, apparantly the Sims 3 case says on it that to increase loading times you should install it to the harddrive, though I doubt that it will increase the loading significantly enough to overcome the problem. After playing for half an hour, she only managed to create a preset character and house and visit the neighbours. Apparantly one of the loading screens after selecting your character lasted 5 minutes. The loading screen is just a large static sims logo too. Not sure whether I will bother picking up this game if I'm going to spend half the time on a loading screen. Thoughts?
  5. It is bad, this game completely ruins Halo 1 and 2s reputation, Halo 3 was passable, ODST was terrible and now Reach.
  6. Just a little rant here, just finished playing the Fort Seratem level with Galen, there was a platforming section where you had to jump across to little circular platforms to reach a pod that you must destroy to continue. I tried for a whole 10 minutes to reach the third platform and failed, had to destroy it from a distance with the long range magic attack. I noticed something similar on previous levels, why on earth would you put platforming on a game like this? Also, side rant here, the guide for collectibles was useless on this level, the guide says "Endure Curse, from a box somewhere", seriously? It was not in a box at all, but in the trap section to the right side of the map. As well as the Fire Chant which was actually on the opposite side of the map to where it specified.
  7. The achievement issue is presumably because if you bought the game on the main menu of the Trial, the main menu doesn't update to say that it is the full version, if you ever notice that on any game, go to the dashboard and restart it.
  8. I don't see how this is even possible, you can't enter a seat when it is aligned with the edge of a building, any further away from the edge and you would blow yourself up.
  9. Thanks so much, saves me getting the other two classes up
  10. One of my favourites was, "No, it's not lunch time" from the guard who rings the dinner bell.
  11. I just got killed by the different Scrounger images above, the guy with the bones out and the guy with blue jeans. And nothing. Also just done every single one again, bringing my total to each one done five times. Da fuck...
  12. Need two more people for 4 Man Glider and 4 Man Battle Bus achievements, add me on live and we will do it now.
  13. This can't be true, every time I die a saving icon appears, I'll try Proximity in Arena and Co-Op with both ideas above, will let you guys know.
  14. Gee, Crackdown 2 surely you know your own cool jumps? SUVing off the top of towers sure is fun.
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