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  1. You still around Roxy? I haven't been on these forums much since 2009/2010 when you were very active!

  2. Hey, in the quick 200/400 thread spongebob underpants slam is no longer on the marketplace i did the kinect search and nothing came up

  3. How's the connection on that phone on your profile picture? does it come with 3G? :D

  4. where the hell are you :p

  5. Ive made an error in a poll i created in the WP7 section. can it be edited now? if not can you delete the poll and i'll recreate it - thanks

  6. I just wanted to wish you and your team good luck in GSL! ;)

  7. Someone is spamming threads in the WP7 section - can you get them deleted and the person acc/banned

  8. Hey whatsup? you from Toronto/GTA area? Still I invited you to a group, you can join if you would like.

  9. hi i had a fantasy football sign up thread in both fifa 12 and sports bar, and my sports bar one has gone, i need it back because it had the names of over half of my sign ups, or at least my hitlist thread, please i need it back just so i can get the names

  10. I have a thread in the Gears 3 forum I'm wondering if I could get the poll removed on and the thread title changed to "Definitive Event, Ribbon, and War Supporter info". The same questions keep getting asked in the Gears 3 forum, so if this thread could have the title changed and be stickied it may cut down on the same questions constantly being asked.

  11. There's a thread in the Gears 3 forum trying to sell a gears 2 weapon skin for MSP.


    Thread link: http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=375605

  12. LilMissRoxy has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space.


    BTW, it only took me like a year to reply ;)

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