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  1. Before I began playing I changed the matchmaking to global but this glitch happens on three different occurrences: 1. The most common one being you're unable to connect to the hosts world whether it's an invasion or summon 2. If you go on a menu (can be either an in-game menu or Xbox menu) when it says you're being summoned/you're invading another world (you know the first prompt) 3. This only happens when your trying to invade and that's cancelling just as the first prompting message pops up (this is usually because it takes too long to find someone so I end up cancelling and what do you know it finds someone as soon as 😓) What's annoying is it never comes up with "you're unable to join/invade". You can't use any online items nor Homeward Bones, plus the fog gate blocking other areas won't go. My friend said he had no problem on his end when he failed to summon me so it seems to be a problem with the one joining in. You can travel between bonfires but that'll cause the infinite screen glitch. Even quiting in-game and then going back to your game causes the glitch so you have to restart the game by quiting it fully from the Xbox Home menu. I just hope it'll be patched soon.
  2. So I've been having this problem where if I can't connect to a host's world (be it an invasion or summon) it won't say "unable to connect" and if I warp to another bonfire I'll be stuck on a loading screen forever. Does anyone else have this problem?
  3. I'm conflicted as to which one of these Cooler's I created looks better and would make the most sense [ATTACH]9226[/ATTACH]
  4. So I looked at my time played for Killer and it says I've played it for 5d when I haven't even played it for a day. Does anyone know why it's done this?
  5. Cell, Broly and Gogeta's theme are good ones also some of the soundtracks from the previous DBZ games like the first Budokai, BT3 and Ultimate Tenkaichi are great too. I tend to listen to other anime OST's like Fairy Tail and SAO as well though.
  6. I've looked everywhere on the market but I can't find the season pass. Is the 360 getting it or not?
  7. I've thought of quite a few but characters like; SSJ Nappa, SSJ Raditz, SSJ3 Trunks (Sword), SSJ3 Gogeta, SSJ3 Vegito, SSJ3 Gohan (Teen or Adult), Adult Gotenks and probably some Super Buu absorbtions like Buu absorbing SSJ4 Gogeta, Vegito, Omega Shenron, Beerus, Whis etc.
  8. I'm going for High School of the Dead. The action was great and so was the animation but the story was generic, most characters including the main two had little to no personality and there was WAY to much fan services EPSECIALLY episode 6 (that's where I stopped watching).
  9. My money is on The Ascension. They've lost the Tag Team Championships and this feud with Hideo Itami looks to be a way to hype up Hideo and to make him look strong by taking out NXT's longest Tag Champs. After that there's nothing else for them to do but move on up to the main roster.
  10. As long as he's feuding with Ambrose I personally don't think he'll be able to cash in. Also it looks like WWE want to create the next big baby face that'll be able to overcome Lesnar (most likely Reigns) seeing that Cena wasn't able to succeed. I'd rather have somebody else seeing that it's to early for Reigns to be holding the title but then again who else could look like they'll be able to beat Lesnar?
  11. I feel that Harper can do well if pushed right but Rowan will probably get pushed back to NXT then released like Camacho. As for stables there is that one stable that looked to be shelved with Kofi's, Xavier and Big E but I'm still not sure if they'll do well considering their godawful name they chose. Also The Briscoes would of fit perfectly but I dunno bout AJ.
  12. So to anybody who has got the game yet what do you think of it? I haven't beaten the game but I really do think its a great instalment to the franchise and it's different without taking away from the actual fighting experience like Ultimate Tenkaichi. I hope to see more games like this but with more variation to the story like they done.
  13. I've just tried to connect to GTA Online and it said that "R* games services failed to sync". Has anybody else had this problem and if they have do you know how to solve it?
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