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    Connor Angel

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    Brazilian Guy who tries to live a decent life.
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    Women, Money, Games, Music, Guitars, Action Figures, Sex, TV Shows
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    Future Public Worker

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  1. I need some help with all the online achievements because I suck driving! So I want to boost (and help to) seriously. Today is 08/01. I can join this weekend to boost. GT: Connor Angel
  2. Jond, if you wanna try again, and without your friends, count me in. I have two guys who want to boost seriously.
  3. I tried to boost with Baines Jond but didn't work. He's great but the others were assholes. So I'm trying to create a group to serious boosting. Nothing of keep running shooting like an idiot (to get 1000 kills as told me and screwed me) and stuff. If we have to kill 100 people, everybody will have 100 kills for the achievement. One at a time and everybody waiting till the last person get the cheevo. Organized. After that we can fun around. If anyone is interested in serious boosting, please add me or join me. It'll be hard because no one is wanting to do this seriously. P.s: I'm brazilian and I have mic. But my english sucks. But we can try to communicate anyway.
  4. 2014 and I still wanna boost! GT: Connor Angel
  5. Hello, beautiful people! I need the Reaver doll only. My Fable 2 world only produces Hammer dolls. So that's the one I have to trade. Or if anybody could just borrow me the Reaper one to pop the achievement I'll be glad. Thank you! GT: Connor Angel
  6. Now I know what I did wrong: When I tried to eat the 1up from the Wallace's secret shop I always received the message that I couldn't buy (or something). That's because I had 9 lives! You need to die to buy that 1up to receive the achievement! Stupid me!
  7. With friends like these 1) xeren255 2) Lezchill 3) I CoOpEr z 4) nuttywray 5) apparatus25 6) Connor Angel 7) Edzio117 8) H2O MaskedMan We're joining teams, people! So we already got 7 (8 if we have any quiter) people for the achievement. Thanks for your time!
  8. 1 - Connor Angel 2 - Edzio117 3 - H2O MaskedMan 4 - 5- 6- 7- The list is growing, people! Let's sign up and get that achievement!
  9. I'm starting a team now! Sign up, please! 1 - Connor Angel 2 - Edzio117 3 - 4 - 5- 6- 7- I'm willing to do other multiplayer cheevos like the one "burning five enemies with one flame". Let's go, people! Let's max ORANGE BOX!!
  10. Hey. Do u still need the achievement CHAOS GENERATOR from LEFT 4 DEAD 2? You said you need 1 person to boost. I need that cheevo too. D'you wanna try with me?


    My GT is Connor Angel



  11. Yeah. I ate every food and nothing. I think GOURMET maybe is glitched too...
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