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  1. I have all achievements for this game. If anyone needs help getting 100% send message and I will help you get 100 %. I have helped many get 100%.
  2. Here it is 2018 and warlord is still not fixed. I have 1 win on A.R.C, 3 wins on March on Stormbreak, 2 wins on Raid on Apex 7. The achievement bar was stuck at 0 % now it is stuck at 66 %. Did this achievement ever unlock for you or am I wasting my time? I read on Halo waypoint that if this achievement is not unlocking after a win on all 3 maps go and play another mode of warzone. Come back to warzone another day and play on one of the needed maps and it should unlock. I play Warzone firefight yesterday 2/12/2018. Came back to Warzone this morning LOST on map March on Stormbreak and the achievement unlocked.
  3. Just replayed missions for I've Got You & Rescuer they did not unlock. Called Microsoft they cannot unlock achievements. I tried playing a "NEW GAME" to erase the Heroic Actions in the missions. Luckily that doesn't erase the achievements I have already unlocked. Played through to mission 9 where the last drag man is and the achievement DID NOT unlock. Activation and Microsoft state there is nothing they can do and each blame the other for the problem. If Achievement stop unlocking for you. STOP playing the game. DO a Hard Re Boot of the Xbox by Unplugging the Power Supply. DO NOT PERFORM ANY HEROIC ACTIONS Till you know achievements will unlock.
  4. Thank you Infernal, After doing a hard reboot the achievements started unlocking. Now I am wondering if I can get I've Got You & Rescuer to unlock. I have saved all of the men. I am replaying the missions over again in hopes those two will unlock. I did miss a few of them before all of this stared.So I am hope even though it shows I have saved them once I save them again it will unlock.
  5. No it's not that at all. I also tried to for the Gasoline Cowboy today with the tanks health well above 80 % and that achievement did not unlock either. Asked a friend if he got Marksman and it did not unlock for him either today. So something is wrong.
  6. Marksman Achievement not unlocking for me. Have play mission 3 times and did not miss a shot. Achievement did still did not unlock once last AA gun was blown up. Any one else having this problem?
  7. If you need help with Sniper Elite 4 I can help you. I have 100% and I have helped others get 100% including Authentic Plus NO Saves on all main missions. MUST HAVE MIC. I know the safest and fastest path to completing the maps when on Authentic Plus. Will help with other achievements as well.
  8. Looking for CO OP partner to play DLC 3 Authentic PLUS no manual saves. I only need 3 achievements for this game. I will help with any achievements you need with this mission or other missions. Please have mic as this Map is a pain in the ass and has 11 snipers so communication is vital to completing this map. Message me on xbox gamer tag: Ms Daffy.
  9. Yes I have played Hitler and have gotten all collectibles there. Seeing how the sniper achievement did not unlock I was pretty sure I had to play Rail Yard. Thank you for the info. I am trying to find a partner to play Rail Yard so I have time pick up the sniper reports. Again Thanks for your help
  10. Okay thanks; I played Over Watch Compound and unlocked the Letters and the Stone Eagles achievements. But the Sniper Report one did not unlock. I have all the sniper reports in the game including Over Watch Compound. Do I have to play the Rail Yard map for that to unlock? I am missing 1 document from mission 7. The document just below the one sniper in the map. I have played the map 3 times and it just wont show up for me. I have followed a video to make sure that is the one document I am missing and it just isn't there for me. But I have all the sniper reports other than playing Rail Yard.
  11. Looking to play Co-Op in any mode I need a few achievements. I have the collectibles. I can play any time day or night and I have a mic. Gamer tag Ms Daffy.
  12. I completed all 8 missions and found all the letters and the Collects achievement didn't unlock for me. Anyone else have that problem?
  13. The Collector Achievement I have collected all the letters in all 8 mission in the game and the achievement wont unlock. Has anyone else run into this problem?
  14. I maybe wrong but you can put the skull in the chair and leave Delia on the floor. I believe when you are caring her and approach the thrown you have two options: 1: put her in the thrown, 2: do nothing. If you do nothing and she not dead that is still non-lethal.
  15. With the new patch you die instantly when possessing a gray hound so you have to possess the gray hound last. The problem I was having was timing out with the possession. It is all a matter of timing with the humans location. He cannot be leaning against the tree because that means he killed the blood fly that you need to transfer to in order to reach the gay hound.
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