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  1. Don't suppose anyone knows of a release date for this game other than "spring"? It really looks interesting, and I'm getting antsy to play it! :p
  2. Well, I lucked out and was able to preorder a copy at Gamestop last week, and boy am I glad that I did. I went in to pick up my copy today, and then only copy that they received was the one that I preordered!
  3. I have been considering picking this game up for a while now; but, before I do, I was wondering if anyone still played this online? I don't necessarily care about getting 200/200 in this game, but just having some friendly competition and maybe getting some advice after I learn the basics.
  4. I thought it was only the PS3 that was download only? Could have sworn that the 360 was still getting a disc... Damn, I hope it isn't download only. I"m probably one of the few people that hate digital downloads as opposed to physical discs.
  5. Seriously, One Man Army is the last achievement I need, and I'm getting around 20 guys in the first chapter. But as soon as Vinnie gives me the second gun, my accuracy goes to hell. Is there a way that I can go back to 1 gun? Or am I going to have to keep blind firing and hope I get lucky?
  6. Yes, for the 2 talents, there will be an extra line in the talent tree where you can purchase the relic hunter and gourmet hearts. You have to buy them before their effects take place.
  7. I've checked Amazon and a number of Gamestops, but this game doesn't seem to be in anyones system. And the few employees that know of this game said that they haven't even heard of a confirmed release date for the 360 version. I don't suppose anyone here has found a place (in the U.S.) that they have been able to pre-order from?
  8. You can add me if you like. I just hit 53K this week. Although, since you're in the UK and I'm in the US, I'm not sure if we'd be able to game together or not.
  9. For example, I could have sworn that I've killed over 100 enemies with gun channeling, but I still don't have the achievement. Similar with Swarm and Black hole kills. I'm sure I'll get them eventually, likely during new game+, but it just seems weird that I don't have them yet. I'd like to know how close I am.
  10. Considering that the English voices change every game, I don't think that I'll care, let alone notice, that they're missing in this game. Honestly, I'm just geeked at the fact that this game is coming, not only to the US, but on the 360 as well! I was sorely dissapointed that I was unable to play Warriors Orochi Z, Samurai Warriors 3 or DW7: XL But this helps ease the pain!
  11. I still only have a few achievements left, but when I 1000 it, I may trade it in at Gamestop/EB if they have a good deal going or sell it to a friend if they don't. With Mass Effect 3 coming out next month, I doubt I'll keep doing hit lists for much longer. I'll admit, I really enjoy this game, but how short it is just keeps coming into play. Even the Vendetta campaign, if you get a good team, can be beaten in about an hour or so. (Ok, to be fair, it at least felt like only an hour. I didn't actually time it) Granted I hear the game ends on a cliff hanger, but I doubt there will be any significant DLC for this game. And if there is, as someone else already said, I'll probably just red box it or something.
  12. That is good to know. I was using dual HMPs for most of the game before I realized that Dark Akimbo required 2 different guns
  13. I would suggest at least a rental, if possible. The game is very fun, and more fast paced than the original. Sadly, as most people will point out, it is also short; probably can beat it in a weekend, if not a day. Not to mention, since you said you enjoyed the demo, I doubt you'd be dissapointed by the whole game!
  14. Anyone looking for a match, you can also feel free to look me up. Because of my work schedule, I usually get on at odd hours, but I've recently grown re-addicted to this game. lol So I am usually up for a friendly match.
  15. Hey, Everyone. I'm not new to gaming, but I am relatively new to this site. I have a bunch of games where I am missing just a handful of achivements, so I am hoping that by hanging around here (ya, I'll probably most be lurking v_v) I can 1000 more of my games.
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