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  1. I have done all 240 objectives in the game and dlc and stil havent got the "Aww yiss... Dat Cheev" achivement its really annoying cause its the last one and worth 150g. I think it might have something to do with the xbox quick start up thing but im not sure. If anyone knows how to fix this please let me know. Thanks .
  2. can confirm chest: 837, 136 convoy: 62, 162 about 5 and a half hours left whale: 880, 427 about 5 and a half hours left aswell thanks for posting glad to finally get this out the way now just need to do the online
  3. That's so true I'm having the same issue with mine
  4. Assasins creed 4 keeps just cutting off for me thats 4 times in the last 20 minutes and then i have to go through the menus and that to get back in the game. anyone else had similar issues?
  5. I didn't think we would have to install games anymore since they reversed the drm stuff. But my Assasins Creed took ages to get past 0 but once it did get past zero it started going alright, then i could play it at about 9%.
  6. I have my setup all ready now cleared a nice space under my tv for the Xbox One.http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=8340&stc=1&d=1385049787
  7. 13 hours and 38 minutes here nice lucky you I'm so excited like a little child.
  8. about 18 hours till I get mine so close I can almost taste it
  9. I'm getting Bf4 and AC4 been holding off getting them on 360 so i can't wait. Then hopefully in December i will be able to get a bunch more games. I still need to play dead rising 1 and 2 don't think I have enough time before Xbox One so i will have to do it somewhere down the line . Not long now.
  10. I have lost my character twice, and today on the 19th I bought an Adder for $1000000 then upgraded it fully and now its gone :'(
  11. i will be getting the Xbox One at release and I will keep both my 360's and all of my games I will definitely continue to play many of them and I couldn't bear to let my collection go
  12. Glad to see other people who are actually exited for the Xbox One the whole internet seems to be full of hate for it. I will be getting the Xbox One as soon as its out for me it is far more appealing that the PS4 in every way. I think that the Xbox live is a more reliable service than PSN, I like the controller, i like the exclusives, I like that I get to keep my profile, I like it how the new Xbox is supposed to do thing like go to dash instantly for me there is not really any downsides with the Xbox One so I can't wait.
  13. i think this game is awesome i played it when it came out and am going through now before i play the new one
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