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  1. I haven't unlocked any achievements either but my sister has, she bought the game where as I am just using a free trial for game pass, so I figured thats why they weren't unlocking for me?
  2. Have most of you updated to the new dash? Have you tried beam yet? give me a follow on beam and ill do the same for you beam.pro/sonsofdisaster
  3. I had this happen to me last night in the last part of Act 2, I was like damn that was really bright, and as you said, the screen just goes white, luckily I was able to get passed it. Hope I don't have to run in to that the rest of the game.
  4. I was getting this a lot with my headset yesterday, and when it happens it even effects voice chat, it almost sounds like people are talking in slow motion. Very annoying. Anyways I unplugged my headset and plugged it back in, that seemed to fix it for a bit but then it happened again (repeated this about 4 times and it seemed to fix it.)
  5. Sucks it was only pc, but I wasn't even home this weekend anyways haha
  6. This method has been patched for awhile now sadly.
  7. Thats the Brazil Pack, not sure when it will be out, but should be soon. I think its the worst pack yet
  8. Hey all just letting you know Tanya is out now, thought she was coming out on tuesday, she plays pretty good from the matches Ive had as her so far, and her 2nd fatality is pretty cool (I like it alot more the the 1st) the Klassic costume pack is also out, contains MK1 outfits for sonya, kano, and liu kang
  9. you can do them whenever the "finish him" screen appears, just go as far back from your opponent as possible and hold BLOCK + left left or right, right (theres a few more inputs just look at your finishing move list. - you will unlock more as you progress your faction rank) hope that helps ya!
  10. Yeah wasn't trying to be rude.. that's just a pretty fast time to complete a whole tower.
  11. lmao, what with brutality kombat?
  12. I was stuck at 57% for awhile (570 respect), and even if people gave me respect, the next time I'd load up the game it would drop me back to 570. I just waited a day or 2 and It started adding on to it properly again.
  13. I just did it again doing same thing I did the first time. Never lost a round did a fatality on 7 of 8 fighters (did one on the 8th) never had a flawless and did all the dragon challenges. She popped after the 8th
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