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  1. Probably a Monument to All Your Sins on Halo Reach as it was the first Halo game I beat on legendary. I don't really have many achievements that are worth being proud of though so that's all I can think of for now.
  2. Got the full 200 on Plants V Zombies a while ago. Great game and surprisingly enjoyable as I've never had a proper go at tower defense games before.
  3. Echantment tables are not in the game yet, along with golden apples so atm there are 2 unobtainable achievements. The Windows 10 edition is a ported version of the Pocket Edition so basically if you can make something in the PE then chances are you can in Win 10 as well.
  4. I agree with this, and this is coming from someone who's done over 1,500 races on Forza 3. I've only played F1 2010 and 2011 but they are really boring to play, and also really difficult. I spent so much time practising on 2011 and couldn't seem to get into the top 10 no matter what so I just abandoned it. That game will be on 10G for as long as I live.
  5. Same here, those missions are much harder than the rest of the game and aren't anywhere as near as much fun to do - my game is scratched anyway so even if I wanted to finish the game off I can't.
  6. I have access to it but I can't even download the bloody thing. It's at right of the end of the download but when it gets to "Restoring user data" it just gives me an error message saying "Well, this is Embarrassing." Clicking on more details gives me the error code 0x80070002, but googling all of this hasn't really helped. Anyone else with this problem?
  7. I really, really hope this is what MS actually does with CC info.
  8. I would probably say any of the Halo MP ones, though they normally require far more luck than skill. Achievements like Overkill and the Reach Defiant pack would be ridiculously hard to do without boosting, and that's made even harder by the way DLC maps are handled. Not a very fun experience.
  9. Nope, couldn't care less about it anymore. As much as I enjoy the other Halos there's nothing about 5 that appeals to me whatsoever, and with 343 pulling crap such as removing split screen my interest in it has gone even lower than it already was.
  10. Just played Cairo Station for the par score achievement, got right to the end while being just above the minimum requirement when one of the elites deiced to hide behind a crate which slowed me down, but I'd just made it...when of course the game seemed to fucking wait until I was below the par score to end the mission.. Ended up with 13,985 points. Not doing that crap again...as much as I like this game, god the achievements are such BS. I'm not even going to attempt the Legendary/LASO/MP achievements!
  11. I FINALLY got Halo CE done today, I've been missing a couple of achievements for years and now that I've actually done them they weren't anywhere near as bad as I was expecting. Still, feels great to have completed a Halo game after all these years of trying (and failing)!
  12. Forza 2/Viva Pinata bundle pack. The discs are both caked in scratches and the case is in rubbish condition but somehow the games still work.
  13. Thank you so much for these, I've had the default black background for a year and a half now so these will look great on my dashboard!
  14. Yep, gamertag, achievements, etc all carry over to xbox one.
  15. I think they're just joking...I hope.
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