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  1. Looking to get co op and TIR done. I did Tir legit on 360, but no one is playing on One anymore.
  2. Warner Bros said that December 31st will be the day that they are closing servers for this game. So make sure you get "Vendetta" before then or else it will be unobtainable. It is an easy achievement where you kill a captain that has killed a friend of yours.
  3. "Six Digits ??????" Kill 100,000 zombies in Dead Rising 2:Off The Record. Wasn't difficult and because of Sandbox Mode, there was no timer either. So it was far less stress inducing compared to Zombie Genocide Master from Dead Rising 2 of kill 72,000 zombies. I listened to a lot of music and watched a lot of YouTube from my phone cause I placed it in front of the TV. This one was my final achievement that I needed in the game.
  4. Lol. I love when I used to complain about this game and the first game. I've since learned to love them both and the first is my favorite game of all time now. So ignore my post from 7 years ago. This was good for a laugh.
  5. I appreciate it and I'm excited. Thanks !

  6. Hey man awesome work on those zombie completions, wicked club. I did your latest sign up for DR2 Off the Record and so you know, you don't need to list your other completions, you can just post your new one(s) :) We've got the previous ones all logged for you.

  7. I can definitely agree about the ups and downs of it all. Grinding for 100,000 kills was annoying in Off The Record. I started listening to music and eventually that got boring. Then I put my favorite Youtuber, Dashie, on my phone and was listening and watching his videos like Gta San Andreas long plays and laughing while grinding. Good memories like that.
  8. For me, I'm very happy. The full list of my clubs is on my profile. I'm curious to know how many feel accomplished while looking back at the memories or feel regrets and things of the sort.
  9. Excellent guide. I'd like to add that Bibi and Snowflake The Tiger are counted as survivors when recruited and saved. 1. Bibi. Complete her case. When she stage dives into zombies, kill all of the nearby zombies. She will even note "These fans are unruly. Security !" That is your que to help her. If you have a Queen on you, use it in order to clear the area quickly. Then talk with her until she joins. 2. For Snowflake The Tiger. Go to the Food Court, which is right next to Yucatan. Enter the Steakhouse restaurant and go into the back of the restaurant. Grab as many steaks as you can. Enter Yucatan on Day 1. Kill Ted, he is the easiest Psychopath to kill. Grab the three nearby steaks. Throw them all around you on the main floor while carefully avoiding Snowflake. If she gets too close, jump on the ledge that is in the Tiger pen. With the increased number of steaks, it will be easier to tame her. She has to eat three steaks in order to be recruited. Escort her back to the safe house and then give her to Katie as a gift by interacting with her there. Once they are recruited, they are no longer psychopaths. These two are the only ones that can be saved as survivors. They are basically this game's answer to Paul The Arsonist from the first game.
  10. This is a good guide. Just be aware of what times the other survivors spawn and deal with them. I've done a perfect playthrough recently with this game and saved everyone. I used the 3 gambling books to help with the gambling survivors that spawn at Atlantica Casino in the main room there at 1 Am. My advice typically is to just kill them and save time. I knocked them out in Poker within 2 game hours. The rest like the Security Cop psychopath mission and others like the Atm ceo should be completed quickly. After you kill the security guard in South Plaza, check a nearby room for a hidden survivor and then escort him. Grab the plates on the scaffold near the cement saw. I cannot emphasize how important it is to do the Wilted Flower scoop to unlock the shortcut that goes from the Brand New U shop in Palisades Mall to the bathroom in Royal Flush Plaza. This will save you a lot of time and will make escorting the survivors back to the safe room far easier when the gas super zombies are in the area. Kokunutz is also directly across the Brand New U shop. Have every case dealt with, including the hidden gambling survivors, give Katie her Zombrex, then head over to Palisades Mall to talk to the Tape It Or Die crew. Have plates and the cement saw in hand. Easiest way to get plates is on the scaffold in South Plaza near the cement saw and Chainsaw. Plates also spawn in the kitchen of the Safe Room and in Food Court at the Italian restaurant where you fight Antonia The Chef.
  11. Just a heads up to everyone, ViceRoy helped me with the co op achievements and so I no longer need help. Thanks.
  12. Thanks for the replies guys. I wasn't sure if this was supposed to be posted here or not cause this is all new to me, despite being a member here since early 2012, lol. So it seems that there is a requirement of being a subscriber for 3 months in order to create a club. I'll countdown the days. Cheers
  13. Hello. I'd like my username changed to Deadsea 1993 I'd also like to have it in green. I'm missing the subscription award. Thank you
  14. Hello. I recently subscribed finally to change my username to Deadsea 1993, but more importantly, to create a unique zombie achievement club called "Deadsea's Club Dead". I was curious how would I go about creating it and making it official ?
  15. Hello. I recently subscribed and I'd like to change my username to Deadsea 1993

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