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  1. Ah, that's why I made this thread - because I couldn't find any others xD. Is anybody actually playing online just fine?
  2. I tried logging into my profile and was unable to connect to XBL so, I tried another account and it seemed to work. I attempted to recover the first and the profile downloaded about a quarter of the way until it gave me the message "Sorry, Xbox LIVE profiles can't be downloaded right now. Try again later. 80150101." And, if I attempt to log into the official xbox.com website I get the following - The xbox support twitter looks pretty rammed right now but I'm just wondering if any of you guys are having trouble or if you're fine.
  3. Not a great list.. Reusing the ones from PC. Shouldn't take any longer than an hour to get all of these =/.
  4. Got it this morning was dispatched from Shopto Tuesday. It's odd because I preordered FF13-2 and it was dispatched same day but I got that yesterday. Meh nevertheless it's cool.
  5. You will not get reset or banned for this.
  6. I like to think that I'm a huge Halo fan. Beaten every single Halo game multiple times besides the first one. I had only ever beaten CE once on the release of the first XBOX. I can't remember it too well as I was only 11 years old at the time but going through now getting the full 1000 felt like an absolute chore. Now, I understand how great the game was for its time and how Microsoft/Xbox probably wouldn't be where they are today without it but, I find the game so dull now! The story is great but aside from that the levels feel like they drag on far too long (Assault on the Control Room & The Library would never end!) And although a lot of the game is colourful, the levels look boring and ugly after awhile. I'm not sure exactly what could have been different about the game that I'd have liked but it's just made me realise how much of a vast improvement all of the sequels really are. As I've said, I'm a huge Halo fan. I would happily play through any campaign at any given time just not Halo 1! Does anybody else feel the same at all?
  7. Sorry man but could you make this a little more pleasing to the eye? It's just a wall of text and a chore to read atm =[.
  8. Guitar Hero. I joined with the GH craze a bit late due to the fact I'd been playing real guitar for almost 10 years and thought it was a waste of time. I tried it with a friend thought it was fun and bought Guitar Hero 3. I started by playing on Hard mode and got half way through and moved up to Expert after half a day. Now I can FC almost every single song in GH or Rock Band. I also won a tournament at a Guitar Hero competition for hitting all of the notes in Metallica - One on expert. (Won 2 tickets to Knebworth Sonisphere Festival in 2009!)
  9. Merry Christmas Panda! :D

  10. Yeah man me too. Sonic levels were really fun and took me back to when Sonic Adventure was released. I didn't even mind the Werehog levels either.
  11. I'm glad that BF3, MW3 and GoW3 aren't nominated.. None of them have any depth or a story I care about. Anyway, can't decide to pick between Skyrim and Skyward Sword.. I'd say Skyrim is my GotY.
  12. I got to 100 pickpocketing so quickly. By the second day of having the game I think. By far my favourite skill . Then I got 100 smithing as it's quick and easy and I was rich from pickpocketing. Currently working on 100 enchanting and archery.
  13. I thought Dom's death was a bit ... shit? He doesn't really say or do much for the whole game and then randomly kills himself. Can't really put my finger on what's wrong with it for me but it just felt rushed? Like they had to kill somebody off to keep the players' attention? Don't get me wrong, I'm not bashing on Gears, I love all three games which is why I feel kinda strongly about Dom's death being lackluster =[.
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