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  1. Haven't really played MyCareer much to test out the Kinect, mainly play Online Association. It's so unfortunate we would have to resort to unplugging the Kinect, when we shouldn't have to. 2K need to release a patch so you can completely turn the feature off for all game modes.
  2. I turn it off in the main menu which is fine for exhibition games, but when it comes to Online Association, MyCareer etc. 'Kinect is Listening' .. and i'm getting technical fouls for 'bad language' when I haven't even said anything! Or calling timeouts etc. It's just picking up on audio from the commentary in game. Please Help!
  3. You Hero!! Thanks for the reply! Worked like a charm!
  4. I have completed the campaign, found everything on the map, got all concept art, and finished every secondary mission, so that i'm at 99%. All I need to do is buy one more item in the forge worth 225, I have 180! I had bought everything before I saw on the guide that you don't need to buy the paint jobs & effigies but still, they could/should've made it so there was enough "money" to buy everything! Is there any way of gaining "money" after completion? or if I start a new game will all my stats be wiped out and back down to 0%?
  5. That's for the 'Bronze' medal achievements, but just for 'Around the World' on it's own, you don't actually have to finish the event. I didn't finish any, just selected the first SSX member, started up an event with Miss Dragonfly as the Heli-pilot (Himalayas), I rode down the hill a little bit then quit out, selected the next character and repeated with each member. Then moved on to the pilot Red (New Zealand) and done the same method again, and finally onto the pilot Wizard (Africa). I didn't do/finish any of the events. Remember this is ONLY for the 'Around the World' acheivement, riding with each pilot, not for getting bronze with every character in an event.
  6. I just got this quite easily. All you have to do is 'fly' with each of the 3 pilots, with all 9 of the SSX members. I found 'Miss Dragonfly' in the Himalayas, so start up an event and voila! That's one down! I didn't have to do/finish the event, just quit out and restart with the next member. Once you've done this with all 9 members, move onto the next range. I found the pilot 'Red' in New Zealand, and 'Wizard' in Africa. If someone could try out this method and confirm, that would be appreciated Just to add, Griff IS NOT a member of Team SSX.
  7. That Video is for a different achievement "Gadget Attack" and isn't for the Riddler challenge for a x5 variation bonus.
  8. Looking to recruit players for my team. We mainly play Vert contests, and are lookin' for players who average around 25 - 30,000pts onwards. Also to get the 6 players chievo. UK based team so we're online around 8pm to 11pm GMT. If you would like to tryout send a message to my GT: PimpPanther69
  9. nvm, i done it!!! damn that was irritating!
  10. How the hell do you ollie/nollie off to the side from the f**king wall?!?!?!! it is really pissing me off now! If it does decide it wants to nollie down to the waves its only if i haven't done the damn nose grind, but when i do a nose grind it won't nollie off down to the waves! AAARRRRGHHHHH!!! Please help, it's the only achieve i need
  11. GT: PimpPanther69 Good Luck peeps!
  12. How do we get the update? ... i went into system settings from the main menu then downloads and there isn't anything in there
  13. As TuSeMorte said in an earlier post, it's a 4 or 5 out of 10. Due to a couple frustrating goals to go for. I've only gone through it on Easy so far (to get used to it) and i've got 520G, doing it on Hard will get me another 210G (as it is stackable, so i'll get the 'Medium' achieve too). Then all I have is pretty much Speed session achieves and the 2 multiplayer achieves.
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