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  1. Looking for some help with Karn on Insane Declassified, either legit or using the Insane/Casual trick. I can't seem to get past the third phase of the fight. Should be doable with one other person, but if there's more interest, I'll throw up a session. GT: JukkaKhan
  2. In the off chance that someone sees this tonight, we're really hoping to find a 5th player for tonight so we can take care of the group achievements. We're looking to start at 8:30 Pacific. Send me a FR or message on Live. GT: JukkaKhan
  3. Looking for someone to do Teamwork Takedown with, and possibly the Unstoppable achievements (already have Hall Of Heroes, but willing to help out with that). I'm Pacific timezone, GT: JukkaKhan
  4. Anyone out there want to get Pack Rat out of the way? Send me a FR!
  5. Looking for a co-op partner to get some gold medals with, preferably someone who's familiar with the challenges already. Feel free to send me a PM here or a FR on Live.
  6. Anyone up for hunting Psychopaths in sandbox? Sent me a message/FR, GT: JukkaKhan
  7. Looking for someone with a Cook's Hat that I can borrow. Send me a message or FR please! Willing to trade back clothing after the achievement. If you need legendary weapons, my stores are selling the following: [spoiler=gfsdalhkjgfsda] Brightwall Defender Of Faith Mirian's Mutilator Trollblight Slimquick Bowerstone The Splade Swift Irregular The Barnumificator Faerie Hammer of the Moon King Aurora Desert Fury The Casanova Facemelter Lunarium Pounder Thanks!
  8. Got some help with my weapons from Pleximus today, he's truly a hero amongst mortals Thanks!
  9. Starting up a brand new insane/arcade run and looking for 3 others. I have the Instagib, Infinite Ammo, and Super Reload mutilators ready to go, just send a friend request or message to JukkaKhan!
  10. I'm approaching the end of the cases. If anyone wants to hop on and snag the co-op achievement, send me a message!
  11. Looking to get the co-op achievement taken care of. I've finished up to case 3 with a friend, but have no problem starting all over.
  12. Looking for the last two online achievements. Drop me a FR and let's knock em out quick!
  13. Thanks for the tip, worked perfectly! I just let him free fall.
  14. http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=91779 Has to do with added DLC. Delete the checklist and re-enable it.
  15. For those of you having a tough time getting puny carrots to show up in stores, if you have the See The Future DLC, you should be able to snag 4-5 of them in the Rabbit Hole inside the Cursed Skull. This video (not mine) saved me a ton of headache: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TrK9pbnX9P0]YouTube- Fable 2 - See The Future - Cursed Skull - Rabbit Hole Side Quest[/ame]
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