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  1. I am trying to do a franchise and when the game starts I can't control my RB and it won't let me do defense or control kicks. I can't figure out in settings how to change this. How do I make it control like a regular old Madden game?
  2. guide for this game needs some notes like almost every cheevo can be glitchy might as well play twice, etc
  3. I don't like how the that King of Chinatown mission makes us old Hitman players feel like OH EVERYONE WAS WRONG IT'S HITMAN YAYYYY and then they pull the rug out from you and you are running from the cops for the next 3 hours or so I don't know what they were doing if they wanted to make it appeal to more people they should have just made it another action movie/3rd person shooter with really limited stealth instead it's kind of a mess what's with saying every chapter is "Part 1" that makes no sense to me because in some cases I don't see how there could ever be a part 2
  4. game does weird stuff it took 3 minutes to load the next part one time and once i couldnt move just swing. definitely does a number on my disc drive, uninstalled it because it would lock up on same part in level 5
  5. Hi I was playing through the game on Hard and when I reloaded a day after playing I went back instead of forward at this checkpoint and it wouldn't let me move forward it was like there was an invisible wall. When I quit out to the main menu and reloaded the checkpoint the game loaded with a black screen and these weird gray bars on the top of the screen. The only thing I could do was restart the whole chapter. I continued and made sure it was on Hard and when I got to the end of the game no Hard cheevo unlocked for me. Needless to say...very pissed off I tried searched for something about this on search engines but nothing came up so I decided I would ask here. What can I do?
  6. this game has decent enough graphics fairly solid car control but why the fuck did they make it so hard to start missions? another problem is making cars pull over the damage model is inconsistent and there aren't enough interesting ways to go about doing it the thing that really drives me nuts is when I stop a car and the motherfucker gets reset back on the track like its fucking Mario Kart!
  7. the difficulty rating should be a 5 at most unless they really made these games much more difficult somehow its just a grind
  8. It bores the shit out of me in all honesty
  9. if you think this story was great what the hell do you consider a bad story?
  10. It's definitely not complete garbage but in some ways it is complete garbage. Only one weapon is horrible. It's so horrible it almost doesn't matter about the rest of the game. Then the fact they are adding weapons as DLC is even more horrible. I actually like some of the dialogue in the cinemas but the plot and characters rip off Metal Gear Solid in such a stupid obvious way. The gameplay with the sword is OK but once I got to the trial with the stupid fucking purple beasts who kick juggle you between each other I pretty much lost interest in playing anymore of the game. The co-op trials are neat and if there were more and better customization for your ninja I would really get into it. Beating the campaign on Normal was good enough for me I guess it took about 7 or 8 hours. Overall I give it a 5 out of 10 because everything in the game loops so much and most of the bosses are shit.
  11. playing it on normal i just hate the moments when the camera goes batshit and keeps flipping around too fast in a small area I feel like I am going to throw up
  12. yeah the grabbing is really annoying with some creatures they give you a tell that they are about to grab you but for the most part if its human they don't and they just grab you and there is nothing you can do about it plus the grab moves do a crazy amount of damage games design is weird
  13. OK, people who are doubting the IGN review...they are letting the game off easy its so boring and repetitive and stupid and lame and annoying and worthless it defies normal descriptive terms ability to represent the reality of its CRAP ONE weapon, ONE ninpo, WAVE AFTER WAVE AFTER WAVE OF IDIOT FODDER ACCOMPANIED BY ANNOYING MORONS WHO SHOOT HOMING ROCKETS AT YOU if you can sit through a single cut scene without wanting to gouge your eyes out and stick an icepick in your ears to stop the pain of the CRAP this game is tossing at you like a monkey on meth and ex-lax you are probably DEAD INSIDE I was hoping it would be a Ninja Blade clone at worst but it's so much less than Ninja Blade
  14. In my experience with this complete and utter POS (PS3 version only so far) you keep fighting wave after wave of the same idiots mixed in with turds who fire a volley of rockets at you with no end in sight until the game decides to trigger the next scene I can't tell what the magic does for sure but I assume it will finish a wave and trigger the next scene if you have killed the 600 people required -_- and there is only one weapon
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