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  1. I love the BM. Really it's freaking great. The only real problems that I've heard is that some people aren't good enough to use it well. Meh. I personally had no problems with any tank battles. Most of them felt short and by the end of the game I was looking for more. (I did change the control scheme for battle mode. Instead of holding down left trigger you just tap rb to go to battle mode. This is a game changer for those of you struggle busing with the batmobile) I really hope they add more of those riddler style races with the dlc those were freaking awesome.
  2. Where are you getting this info? On the front page of this site and every other site about this game it says it releases on XBONE and PS4 on the 14. I don't see it at all on the dash yet this sites front page claims its out today. Almost makes me not want to buy it after I'm told it'll be released today and it isn't. Poor business practice. And on Over The Moons website (the developer) it says out on Xbox and ps on the 14. They just lost a customer.
  3. I don't know what game you're playing but the BM handles great. I watched someone play on twitch before I bought it yesterday and the BM was the selling point for me. It so easy to use and to shoot. people love to complain. IGN and meta critic gave it like a 9 and gamespot (because they couldn't handle the BM) gave it a 7. That made me lol sounds like you op.
  4. There are minor spoilers for those who have not completed Halo 4... I completed legendary solo on halo 4 pretty easily on the 360. The most difficult part I remember was the last section of the big truck level where you have to destroy like 13 ghosts and 6 tanks. Other than that I rarely died and pretty much blazed through the game. I totally enjoyed it, but imo it was the easiest legendary campaign of the 4. Now that I am going through legendary solo on halo 4 mcc I finding different parts much more difficult and other parts much easier. For example, that last section with the 13 ghosts and 6 tanks was much easier for me on the one, whereas the part early on in the game were you have to deactivate the beacons to contact infinity was a pain in my butt. I tried to search the forums and other sites about different difficulties on the mcc and most people seem to agree that the mcc is a little more difficult. My question is just if anyone else has noticed this. I have especially on Halo: CE and Halo 4 on the mcc.
  5. I thought after level 10 the game really found itself. The very end of level 10 blew me away. Truly an Alien theme and one of the scarier things I've ever done in a video game.
  6. Don't give up, man!!! I was stuck on that part on hard last night, and I decided to stop playing until today before the bears game and I finally got it. Felt good.
  7. season pass is $30 today for gold members
  8. Nobody else thinks its extra lame that you have to preorder the game to get the 4th monster? Almost makes me not want to buy the game.
  9. So you're disagreeing with me by agreeing with me? Very interesting strategy..
  10. Nope. Your generic shooter. Very similar to Farcry. Wait until it comes out with games with gold.
  11. I made the switch from CoD. I have played every CoD and most would consider me a fanboy. I have also played BF I just like CoD better, personal preference but both are fun. I felt like the transition was fairly seamless if you have played CoD and Halo. I love the gameplay from Pilot to Titan and I think the game is much more dynamic than anything else out there. Tried going back to Ghosts but got bored quick after I remembered that I couldn't climb up walls or double jump. Titanfall is the must play game of the moment.
  12. Clearly he was trying to be a troll. Do not feed the trolls.
  13. xbone version is really great.
  14. Lots of fanboys. This game is good not great, and has not lived up to the hype at all. I wish I had waited until it went platinum before I had bought it. The problems: 1) It's very short compared to other GTA games. 2) The cars are shiny and the tires have detail and everyone says the graphics are amazing... the game is still very cartoony and the graphics aren't great. Plenty of other titles out there that blow GTA's graphics out of the water. 3) The game is almost linear. It's very much like assassins creed 1 in that the side missions are all the exact same. 4) There was a lot of hype about how big the city is. I don't think its that big. 5) The character animations are goofy and when your guy runs it looks like a sac of potatoes with legs. 6) I got bored with the dialog big time. Then I would zone out; halfway through the game I had no idea why I was even doing the missions I was doing. I would give the game an 85/100 - Wait till it goes on sale or rent it. You could beat it in a couple of days.
  15. Ya man but the graphics in CoD (any one of them) blow away GTA. Just look how the characters run in GTA. Looks like a sac of potatoes with legs.
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