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  1. Just wondering if any of them are harder than ford island? I know you don't have to get all the orb things for gold on the new 3
  2. I wonder if it has anything to do with the reruns
  3. My aerocaches went down from 85 to 67...wtf?
  4. Sounds dangerous, what if you mess up ? I think my record is 3 in a day (when they took that one off because it had no location indicator)
  5. Damn, great job man! How long did you have you been playing this version of the game? Now someone needs to reach wave 99 in tempest, lol.
  6. I usually take my total aerocaches - regular ones to figure out how many are daily.
  7. i had 52 single player aerocaches and 2 aerocaches of the day. So it said "54 out of 53" Now today I log in and it says "decacache 1/10" and i only have 53 now....anyone else experiencing this? It says I have 54 on their website
  8. yeah, it appears so. I only get the first date change one to count..then the others just stop counting
  9. The only problem is it seems to not add to your total, it will add one then the others wont count.
  10. you serious? i'm about to try this edit - this still works...thanks!
  11. Edit - problem fixed (: Too bad it doesn't really matter...since it isnt registering them right now
  12. I've bought the DLC, but it won't let me hunt for them...It just says "you need to download the Hawaiian adventure pack". I've re-downloaded it so many times, but it never works :/
  13. Can someone confirm if the NBA 2k10 : Draft combine servers are down? I haven't been able to upload my player in two days.
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