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  1. Just bought Red Dead Redemption 2 brand new for €18. Yes 18€. There was a price fuck up in my work so I had to get it before they were all gone. Got the 2nd last copy.
  2. Yes. Yes I do haha Well I just got 200,000k and I did say to myself that I would stop after that again. But I'm actually quite enjoying myself again. Especially taking it slow and not rushing into every other ID game every day. Choosing games that I want to play is working for me again so I guess I'm back grinding for a while. Maybe I'll try 300k before next years out.
  3. Right that's perfect. Had no idea on when any of the episodes were released. I dont know now. In the middle of episode 1 and I just cant get my head around it. The fact that it's different voice actors is really bugging me.
  4. Just gonna say fuck it and go for 200,000G today by playing Life is Strange: Before the Storm. I wanted to reach my goal of 200,000G by getting my last achievement in FIFA 20 but I'd rather see what I wanted to achieve back when I was playing GSL before giving up after hitting a brick wall. This is exciting as fuck for me.
  5. Currently downloading from Game Pass 1. Life is Stange: Before The Storm Episode 1-3 2. Life is Stange 2: Episode 1-3 Found it strange how Episode 4 & 5 are not on Game Pass. I will just have to buy them when I finish the first 3 episodes.
  6. Just finished The Gardens Between. Easily my favourite puzzle game that I played in the last while. Levels were well designed with a lot going on. Easily would recommend this for people to play.
  7. Going to start Life is Stange: Before the Storm Episode 1. Probably only going to play one episode today just to get to 200,000G as I just want to achieve that ASAP. Hopefully this is as good as Season 1 as I really like that Yeah I used Maka's video for the walkthrough. Fast completion. Levels well designed. Possibly my favourite puzzle game in a long time.
  8. Going to start The Gardens Between tonight after the gym. 100% this will bring me to 199,725. Gonna have to decide which game I'll do next because I want to hit 200,000G with the last achievement that I have in FIFA 20
  9. Bought Jack N Jill DX whilst its on sale. Easiest 10 minutes of my life.
  10. Grinding out 30 games of FUT Champs this weekend to gain my second last achievement in FIFA 20. Will have to arrange a day or two to gain the last one but I'm going to see can I try get the last achievement to pop to get me exactly to 200k. Once that's done, back to 1 or 2 ID games on Monday/Tuesday for an extra 2k to be a few hundred gamerscore off my goal. Will decide what way to approach getting to 200k evenly once they're done.
  11. You weren't wrong. Think it took me just 1 hour longer than what my recruit playthrough did. Kinda helped that I remembered like 90% of the enemies locations so when I turned a corner they were dead in no time. Also expected the Juggernaut to be hard. Literally had killed him within seconds. I mostly died due to shitty checkpoints. My game would sometimes give me a checkpoint with an enemy directly beside or behind me.
  12. I'd love to go back and do that one myself but I just hate going back to games that I played already a long time ago. If I go to finish a game, its usually when I play it there and then otherwise it just gets forgotten about.
  13. Just finished Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Easiest Call of Duty to complete. The Veteran Campaign for me really wasn't that hard considering I haven't played a campaign above recruit in years. Glad I finally have a fully completed CoD game now.
  14. I actually didnt even know this game had cross play. Went into this game completely blind so I couldnt get my hopes up and I know completely nothing about what's new or what's what.
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