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  1. Dz06lt


    Good possibility like Brooklyn 99 it will get picked up by someone else
  2. Agreed that was rather disappointing
  3. Red Dead is the best of those without question. When if comes to AC play the original first because you will be sorry if you play any other game in the series and then go back to the first one
  4. Dz06lt


    the show is quite good
  5. http://gearnuke.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/god-of-war-ps4-boxart.jpg
  6. yes they are just for show, there is no benefit to wearing any of them. They cult still spots you in a second regardless of your outfit
  7. ^ I know it gets messed up sometimes but it seemed to work out for me. One thing that bothered me I refused to let joker keep my batarang yet later the game said I did let him have it
  8. Dz06lt


    Fucking mustang is the first batmobile no thanks Gotham.....
  9. I have a bunch of uncompleted missions in both of the regions ive completed doesn't make any sense. I know guy marvel called me about another mission but it didn't show up so that is one I know for sure I didn't do
  10. I had vigilante joke not a villain joker. I have heard that episode 5 actually place out differently depending on your joker which is very shocking for a telltale game
  11. None of those, If anything a new Dead Space or GTA 6
  12. I don't think he is trying to compete at all, I suspect XFL games will take place during nfl off season
  13. The uncharted games are fantastic, 2 is probably the best honestly. I would rank them 2>4>3=1
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