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  1. I don't know if I could trust anyone to make a game into a movie. I mean I trusted M. Knight Shamallamadingdong to make a decent avatar movie and that was a complete bust. But my option would have to be, the Darkness.
  2. Do you think that you could live living and walking in the same town where you were brutally murdered?
  3. I'm not sure how to sync my gamertag from Xbox.com to this site. Would anyone be kind enough to explain it.
  4. There is apparently a new trademark that Bethesda has taken, the name is Redguard. Since all the other Bethesda dlc releases were leaked through the same way I thought that this might be next. Here is a link http://www.examiner.com/article/new-skyrim-dlc-redguard-details-revealed
  5. Yes, you could even use this method to co back and complete previous [email protected] challenges.
  6. It is truly good to see people suffer just as I do suffer. My cousin, who leaves his Xbox only for food and toilet trips, farmed Terra for 3 hours straight and only got one purple relic.
  7. I'm sad that this is how some organizations have decided to represent themselves. Honestly, this just as sad as when they had tried to attack Mario for wearing tanooki fur. They attack some people and organizations for little more than a miss representations, I do however understand the need of such an organization. They do help in areas that are often over looked by the general public. They have defended animal rights, and even made some advancements for the ethical treatment of animals in many parts of the world. All this aside, I don't think that a group of people would want to be represented by the stupid actions only a faction of them are truly guilty.
  8. Just hit the upper left trigger. This will temporarily turn you invisible, leaving a hologram in your place, and buffing any damage would do the next time you attack. While cloaked of course.
  9. One movie that I am looking forward to is 'Wreck-it Ralph'. I hear that there will be many other video game characters too. I just think that it would be cool to see how the people, we have spent hours being.
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