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  1. Join us for GSL 2020 Duos! Link

  2. Hey, not sure if you've played The Surge but it's pretty damn good and a worthy souls clone with its own unique set of features. Great gameplay, level design and even the story is well presented! Think it's on Game Pass for another week or two, if you're interested.

  3. I'm having a lot of trouble with the combat related achievements. I know I am doing what is required for them but the tracker won't budge.
  4. Saw a bunch of movies recently: Joker - A+ (can’t remember if I rated it already) El Camino - B+ The Raid: Redemption - A- The Girl With All The Gifts - C-
  5. I ended up giving this movie a B- I think. What really dragged it down for me was the ending. It just did NOT work for me whatsoever, which is a shame because I like the concept. Ad Astra - A I loved this movie. I am honestly extremely confused as to why audiences are not liking this movie. It’s very reminiscent of Apocalypse Now, which is one of my favorite movies. Brad Pitt also killed it and I was invested in his character. The effects were also top notch.
  6. I mean yeah that's what style means lol. Lawrence of Arabia - A+ Incendies - A- Jackie Brown - A-
  7. If you get stuck, feel free to pester me for help. Can give tips.

  8. Forum name: Slaughter. XBA Tenure Length: 7 years XBA Tenure Club: Tier 1
  9. I'll look into it. Thanks man!

  10. Going to echo Dirty's recommendation for Sinner lol. Has a Dark Souls lite vibe going on. Only bosses. The RPG elements are a little weird but it was super fun. Huge sleeper hit for me.

  11. Going through Metal Gear Solid HD Collection right now. I am nearing the end of my VR mission grind with MGS1 Snake's missions and they are so insanely frustrating, unfair and hard lol. Such a ridiculous difficulty spike from all the rest of the characters. As for the dog tags, I am about 3/5 of the way through my hard playthrough, then it's onto my last playthrough of extreme which I am dreading. I can't wait to get to MGS3 as the achievements there are so much more chill. Honestly they could've done a much better job at distributing the difficulty of the achievements between the two games. MGS2 takes 5 playthroughs collecting dog tags on every difficulty, Snake Tales (which I am absolutely stuck on Solidus Snake at the end of the last one) and completing all of these insane VR missions, while MGS3 can be done in one playthrough on the easiest difficulty. Like, come on now lol.
  12. Hey, maybe check out Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption on Game Pass. It's lite but something I think you might like to chew on ;)

  13. Congratulations!


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