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  1. I am soo happy this was free! I wanted to try it, but I didn't want to buy it lol. Its not The Walking Dead, so I don't like...NEED it day one. Walking Dead is totally different on that for me. But, I picked this up just in time too, just downloaded it before the New Year. :-)
  2. Sad to see there will be no new achievements :-(. But, I'll probably still splurge and get the extra packs. I'm a disney fanatic and I just have to have them all, and I love this game haha. Any news on releasing more packs? I know they have Cars, Lone Ranger and Toy Story already. I'd love to see a Nightmare Before Christmas pack, or Wreck It Ralph..or any of the princesses...gosh I love disney too much lol.
  3. That would explain me not being able to find Vanellope anywhere other than Target. I was out shopping for more than just figures, and stopped at Gamestop for the figure sale they were having. I wanted Vanellope soooo bad. But they didn't have her. Went to Best Buy and figured I'd check while I was there...still no Vanellope. My last stop was Target for my grocery shopping and decided to take a look, and they had a TON of Vanellope figures. Oh and I looked it up, and apparently the Phineas and Ferb playpack is exclusive to GameStop.
  4. Is there still a freezing issue with this game? Its up on sale on Deal of the Week for $20 and I was wondering about it. I don't want to buy it and then it be a broken game..
  5. I was hesitant to buy it. But I just bought it today...and I bought the costume pack which allows me to change his look back to classic dante. Which, makes me a lot happier with this game.
  6. No. Some discount signs won't show up on your map, but they're in the off-road type areas. Drive around and if you see a drivable road that isn't on the map, drive down it and you'll probably find a sign or two.
  7. Looking forward to this! I bought the points for it already. Just bummed I have to work ALL night tomorrow =/...
  8. This sometimes happens when the dlc is out before the achievements are listed on xbox live. What you have to do is delete your profile from your hard drive and re-download it. And then you'll have to re-earn the achievements again. Sucks I know. =/. I've had to do it with one or two games.
  9. I'd love to see what these look like too. I mean, I got the pack for free because I pre-ordered the game, so its like whatever. I'm just curious.
  10. No you don't have to beat the game to get the DLC. Its a separate option in the menu. But honestly, I wouldn't buy DLC for a game that I didn't like. Thats just me though.
  11. Eh I don't know if I'd like doing that because you'll have to keep the glowstone there for the water to remain un-frozen.
  12. I've had the same issue. I had a "main" world since day 1 that my friends and I have built onto. We built a main city sort of deal with a dock and a light house and I even built a boat in the water outside the light house. Now? All of my water is frozen. There isn't snow anywhere. Really, snow doesn't fall anywhere in that world anymore! It did fall, I had a house that I built in the snow specifically. But now it just rains there. I'm leaving the snow on the ground on there just so it'll still look semi good. But...I have a boat in ice now! It was supposed to be water, ugh! And also my textures are all messed up. In some parts of lakes theres different kinds of blues and it looks just odd. And my grass is different colors in random as crap parts of my world.
  13. I'm hoping the fact that people are this upset about it will push activision/treyarch to put it back into the game. Nuketown is the one map I play multiplayer, I tend not to like the other maps. I was going to buy the season pass JUST to get nuketown zombies. However; after this, until they put it back into the map, I'm not going to go with any of the season pass, or DLC. Its so ridiculous. It was advertised as if it would be there all the time for those who bought the first batch of the game. And, it should be.
  14. I went ahead and signed the petition. Nuketown was just amazing to me, and I hate not being able to play it. You supposingly still can play it in custom games with friends. Can you even level up in custom games? I don't even know lol.
  15. I'm pretty upset too. I loved nuketown, and I continue to love it. I've never been into call of duty multiplayer, except the nuketown map. I logged on today and it was just gone. Sadface. =(.
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