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  1. Hi don't want to post here but please close thread if need be.Im looking to boost any achievements and medals.Thank u. MY GT WizardFlipper
  2. Hi I am looking to boost any achievements and medals if any one is hosting a 4 player start lobby please send me message or invite if not we can try find a lobby with few people inside and jump see what happens lol MY GT WizardFlipper on xboxone
  3. Hi I am new this game but looking for players to make a crew and do take any co-op achievements and challenges and what ever this is to Please note I am in the UK so time zone will be different I also have a mic.Please send me message to my gamer tag.Thank you. GT WizardFlipper
  4. Hi i am new to this game looking for people to boost any online achievements with full crew etc .Please note i am in UK.Send me message to my GT WizardFlipper
  5. Hi just got the game and starting today how do I host a game ? I looked under options and see it says on line and it says hosting Private how do I change that ? as I cant change it ? is it one of these games again whereu can only send invite to friends and people ? I thought it would be open and people searching for a game like (Sample) Call of duty or Borderlands where it looks for game and u can just join ? or maybe I am wrong I don't know ? Thank you.
  6. Hi thanks for trying to help yes I might not get it lol Can you tell me name of the 2 missions ? as I have not finished the game and see nothing else to do.Do you mean the mission where u can control a TIGER and have to spin these great big bells ? if yes I have done this.Well what ever it im fcked I have no side missions etc left to do ? Thank you.
  7. I think I found with funny ribbon inside some cave on mountains took me 6 times but died lol I jumped in this water see big door but it was all flooded and no way in could not swim under it etc.This a stupid joke why put the dam ribbons high in mountains where etc where u cant get to them ? this is pssing me off now.Also I found one in some one in in some cave on a mountain but there is big door closed and i cant get in there i tried C4 no joy also looked for other ways in cant get in.Alao found one more but it was in water and door was flooded yes again under water.This has to be a Glitch ? OR BUG ? P.S anyone else having same issue and need help with this also ? if yes send me message let try do it co-op
  8. I have but there so high up in hill or mountains u cant reach them lol
  9. Well u FUNNY haha.I cant finish any missions I have done them all beat the game also what is the mission name ?
  10. Hi I have now beat the game and no missions and that skill is still locked and I cant unlock it keeps telling me I am missing one next to the skill is like triangle picture on blue.Thank you.
  11. Hi I might be looking to boost I might be buying this game today 5TH DEC 2014 but I not sure.Send me message any way just incase I do buy it. GT WizardFlipper
  12. Hi im trying to ring all the bells i have 35/40 i rang last bell checked skill Huntsman but its locked i get this message but not sure understand it says.Ring 2 bells of enlightment in ShangriLa (1 remaining) under it says when aiming a bow with LT sway is greatlreduced.Any help please as if i spin more im fcked lol get no achievement.Thank u. P.s i did shoot few bows at bell but nothing happen not sure where im going wrong.
  13. Hi don't mean to spoil this for anyone I have just started and land on planet and I keep getting this thing Robot you control it keep's telling me to hit Right button I think it the thumb stick on the RB or trigger under it,But each time I try them all nothing happens and it just telling me the same thing over and over.Any tips please.Thank you.
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