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  1. In the dry canal. towards the end where the two hatters are discussing the safe they brought up. Just before the tunnel area with the rats (and a rune if you bought the favor). Turn on dark vision and look around there and you will easily spot it..but a can of food if I recall correctly. Much harder to find around there was the key to the safe.
  2. If you are looking to flat out kill for a high chaos playthrough rather than using a low chaos method...I don't think you can..I snuck up to her and flat out silently assassinated her and all that resulted in was her splitting into 4 or 5 clones of herself that i had to fight. I managed to take out 2 of the clones silently but they were all pretty much aware of me..I guess if you are good, you can take them all out silently.
  3. ...have they given at least a rough timeframe on when to expect that?
  4. make sure to insert disc 2 and install all the DLC content first before you play the game. The way they integrated catwomans stuff into the main game is cool (at least I thought). I made the mistake of installing it after I was 3/4 of the way through the game.
  5. Thanks for the heads up..I am getting excited about the 2013 season with it about to start and thougth about picking up my first baseball video game..since I also own a PS3, looks like I will go with the show! ..so you swayed at least one person!
  6. If you downloaded/bought any DLC, or have the GOTY edition, it comes with about 8 new maps that were not in the original release.....hence why Batman and Catwoman need less medals than Robin/Nightwing...they need all the original medals PLUS the 2 maps that came specific to their respective DLC packs (different maps for each char).
  7. Decided to play this game awhile ago because my account was hacked and achievements put on my gamertag against my will. Found it fun for awhile, but started getting tired of it. Now I've decided I need to get back into it before servers get shut down. I have nobody on my friends list who has this game. if anybody reads this and also needs all the online-related achievements, please give me a holler. I play from 9pm to whenever every night EST. GT = Teamlead Taco
  8. You already have the game, so it is moot now..but. Huge DS1/DS2 fan...and while I generally like this game, I think it is a step down from the first two. Whereas the first two games were survival horror, and there was the creepiness/scariness going on, this game seems more action oriented in general and way less scary IMO. The first games were about the fear of letting anything get too close to you as that was often fatal and the slow methodical pace of trying to shoot their limbs off before they got close. With DS3, the enemies pretty much just swarm you right away..often they just drop right on top of you and you just have to fire away as fast as possible to kill them...all the suspense/thrill of them getting close is gone...they are just constantly in your face. That said, as a fan of the IP, I am certainly glad I still played it. Good to get more information on the markers and the overall plot of the universe, even if this installment should have been called DS3 - Isaac Clark Action Hero. Count how many times the guy takes a huge fall of some kind only to get up unscathed....or avoids being shot in the head with a gun point blank in his face...(trying not to ruin too many cutscenes)...
  9. Hardcore would be easiest. Hardcore seems to be set on normalish difficulty (classic and pure survival are both on hard) and you get access to building custom weapons and normal drops..depending on how often you backup your save, hardcore is nothing more than an annoyance when you die rather than being any kind of in-game challenge.
  10. \ Legit hardcore for sure... Of the other 3 modes I've beaten it on normal hard, pure survival and on chapter 16 in classic. Classic mode is harder overall than pure survival IMO. Pure survival was a bit tough at the start when you did not really have time to build up resources.
  11. Oh I certainly failed the first 2-3 times I did it..but it really doesn't take godly skill to get through this once you have beaten the game and have godly weapons and use the tactic of standing by the first statis recharge station and using the drill to effectively kill half the enemies for you while you point your gun at one vent and kill them as they rush in....after 9-10 attempts, it becomes really easy....which is why I was getting very frustrated when it failed to pop over and over.. ..i never thought to save and quit when I got hit on my failed attempts..I would always just reload the entire chapter.
  12. There are 19 chapters. The last 3 to 4 are a lot liek the first 4 or so..they are fairly fast and short. The long chapters are in the middle.
  13. vsully and I learned this last night. If you both have one, the player who did not actively USE their bar will have their bar disappear the moment they walk into the torque bar room.... I did not test enough to see if it disappears or not if you never walk into the room and your partner (who used their bar) does walk into the room.... but yea..if only one of you has one, you both can get in...so the smart move is to have only one person make/use torque bars..
  14. THANK YOU!!!!!! The solution there about purposely getting hit, saving/quitting and reloading worked perfectly!! I swear I tried from the start of the chapter and did this flawlessly no less than 6 times with no results...tried that method and it worked right away! Makes no sense to me at all why that works..but thank goodness somebody figured it out. again..thank you!
  15. I've not done it..but you can create public games..so I assume you can just use the co-op menu to search for random games and drop in. Problem might be that you would to find somebody near the start of the coop areas....or host your own and wait for somebody to join...
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