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  1. Hey all is any one still doing boosting sessions as I not long got the game and really wanna get it done
  2. in the part where u are jumping from the purple glow things, i get to one and i need to move up then jump and jump backwards like on a lantern poll, the jusp back again, turn a corner and jump up but as soon as i need to jump back again its like there is a hand there stopping me from jumping, any one had this problem sorry if this has been mentioned
  3. i am looking to boost but to be honest i didnt even know there was anything to boost but i am up for a session
  4. has no one got a list tht they any help with as i dont do list anymore as being let down to many times
  5. can some one do a list of the players who are willing to boost please as i am willing to boost some too
  6. hello all i have just got this game and to me it a whole new set out, so if any one wants any help for the mutiplayer part can u please let me know as i am borrowing the game from my brother and dont have it for long
  7. if any team is doing any xp boost count me in please
  8. if at all possible this week will be wide open for me
  9. let me know when this is happening as i live in the uk, as i wanna get this all done
  10. can some one make a list please of people that wanna boost, i would but past experience means i dont wanna make the list, as i wanna get the online ones done asap
  11. hey all that play this game, i have not long had this game and not even completed the campaign yet, so if any one has a list with a few people i will be happy to join if u wanna contact me to let me know my GT zombie neo
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