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  1. The apprentice in my opinion dominates Pure Strategy mode, so for a build I would just recommend using him and focusing on towers only (which I recommend if using him at all). You could optionally go with the squires tower build, but I find that less effect personally, and the Monk's Auras are just not as good for this game type XD, Huntress' traps as well.
  2. I am pretty good at this game, I mean I don't really have any issues playing it on hard, and insane is just a bit harder. But some of these challenges are crazy XD. And why are these achievements all so hard to get? I understand this is originally a PC game, but when converting it to the 360 I think they should have staggered the achievements more than this XD. Pretty much all of these are late game ones, and require a lot of time, and almost certainly another person if not a full team of max lv 70s.
  3. I just beat this, and I have to say, that jiggy is by the far the most annoying one in the game. I don't think my x button is ever going to be the same O.O. I mean seriously, the amount you have to mash that is absurd. I don't remember it being that hard on the N64 version.
  4. Thanks for this list, it was very helpful ^_^
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