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  1. Ok last level on veteran theres four flak guns I got the first two and I cant even move to the next two. Please a deatailed response would be great or a vid on how to get past the hardest part of the game.
  2. is ammo available for alien blaster?
  3. Tripper


    ok so im trying to find dart gun and nuka grenade schematics can you tell me if i can by one or find the remaining two???
  4. Tripper


    Ok so I try and rob a gun store so the guy walks back but every time alarm goes off please tell me what I do?
  5. ya it did but say im done doing career can i go back and complete left over races?
  6. ok well i just started playing need for speed for all cars in your opinion Whats is The car i Should get?
  7. What the f I cant beat this 27 tries i need help datails would be great
  8. ok well i completed A 1119 GAMERNET online and no acievement?
  9. ok so im trying to get an easy 200 but i cant im getting owned and i was wondering about The guy I need to be to get an easy kill
  10. No dude im pisitive cause I saw my health go up and it made a different sound when I did it both times, and my stasis was full.
  11. Ok guys dont know if there is a health cheat but I think there is. Ok so im playing and I use the air cheat and my health was blinking red and I did the cheat wrong and made a refill sound and I saw my health go up. So I tried to figure it out and pressed a bunch of x's and y's and refill sound guess what full health not joking at all so im going to try and get the code down and ill post ASAP and im not bluffing guys I wouldnt take this time to lie.
  12. Ya man your stuff only caries over if you start another game on the same difficulty well atlease the nods and credits. So ya but what sucks was I had two guns to upgrade to get my achievement and at the end of the game I went to new game on the same difficulty and saved over my other profile so now I did one play through for nothing lol but its ok cause its that good of a game to go through again.
  13. Ok lol I had another gun out and shot it right after i turned my 360 of and back on and loaded can I still get the achievement?
  14. ok so i got the game for 5 bucks and i cant get past the first mission this game just sucks any hints would help just wanting achievement.
  15. Tripper


    Alright so I got three achievements to go and im confused on the manor house secret leval I am at 910,000 and Im stuck I have done the mowing and the two technoligy places any hints? Second question I have the secret character for saving all hostages and there is one more left but already have the achievement for all heros and villans do I have to get that last guy to get 100% completion if so how do you get him. Thanks a lot guys and details would be greatly apreciated.
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