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  1. Looking to boost ribbons, I have two controllers and two accounts.
  2. I have played for dozens and dozens of hours and somehow I do not have the Northern Wind Bomb diagram. I have the two levels after the basic one and I have gone to the herbalist and he didn't have it and I have picked one up in the first expansion and it still isn't in my inventory. Anyone know how to fix this? I was needing to get the achievement for freezing someone and killing them with a crossbow bolt but I do not know another way to freeze someone. If I start a NG+ in the expansion do you think I will be able to get the diagram that way?
  3. Achievements working?
  4. Looking to knock out one of the last achievements I need: To win 10 games in a row. Will help you get a few you need as well.
  5. Jyn and Director Kennic will be the playable characters
  6. how many times do you have to get them to like your actions? I did it at least 20 times for Cait and nothing
  7. Still looking for a partner to do Survival on Master difficulty. Will be on after 10 PM Central. Hit me up, GT: Lord Dirt
  8. Posted this the other day and still looking to play. Holidays threw me off but I am back now.
  9. Still looking to knock out all the missions, master difficulty and no dying GT:Lord Dirt
  10. I checked out this forum before buying the game and this thread kind of scared me. Jumped into my first game and it was already in progress but I still one. Guess I either played a hell of a game or the people in the game were really bad.
  11. Looking for people to play this game with. Hit me up: Lord Dirt
  12. Looking for help with these achievements. if you can help with any of them please send me a message, GT: Lord Dirt Raiding Party Complete a Raid with a full fireteam consisting of only your clan members. Epic Raider Complete a Raid on hard difficulty. Flawless Raider Complete a Raid without anyone in your fireteam dying. Strength of the Pack Complete a Strike with a full fireteam consisting of only your clan members.
  13. So you are saying I can just switch it back after playing for dozens of hours on a lower difficulty and it will unlock? I did it anyway but I highly doubt I get the achievement for Death March, I will post if I do when I finish the game. That would be a big loophole as you could just play on a lower difficulty the whole game and then put it on Death March at the end.
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