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  1. The area in South Boston described in the previous post works great. I just blended into any of the groups around the intersection and waited. A courier ran by every 5-10 minutes. Just be sure to not have any weapon equipped, and remember to hit B to "catch" the courier. Hitting X to tackle the courier will not count as "catching the courier" in the Thieves Club Challenges, even though you are catching the courier.
  2. This probably isn't going to help the OP, but since I didn't see any answers to the original question, here you go. The tagging sidequest isn't directly tied to the Racket Lord achievement. I still had 10 or 12 tags left to get when I completed the last of the activities and got the Racket Lord achievement. (then got Getting Up at a later point) So, if anyone else happens to ask the same question as the OP, there you go.
  3. Sorry I'm a little late to the party, but this is something I feel should be shared with others. So, after repeatedly playing through chapter 10 about a dozen times this last go round (dozens more in the weeks prior), I noticed a couple things. (1.) Every time I dropped down into the area with the traps and waterfall, the audio would get wonky and flicker between normal and muffled. Every time I opened chest 10 (in front of the waterfall) while the audio was flickering, it didn't do the choir-like chime that the chests normally do. And every time, I would end up with 37/38. After repeated attempts, I tried something different. Before I opened chest 10, I killed the three dudes nearby, and then flipped the switch to slow down the gator-chomper things. As soon as I hit the switch and the gator-chompers slowed down, the audio went back to normal. I then opened chest 10, and to my pleasant surprise, it played the choir-like chime. I proceeded to get the rest of the chests in the level, and ended up with 38/38. (2.) The audio got wonky, yet again, when I got to the fountain near the end, near chests 32 and 33. I was able to find a spot, close to each chest, where the audio would stop flickering. Yet again, once the audio stopped flickering, the chests chimed, and were registered in the official tally, resulting in the above referenced 38/38. In my experience, the only trouble chests were chests 10, 32, and 33. I did want to point out that, unlike near chest 10, where the audio got wonky EVERY time, the audio didn't flicker every time when I got near chests 32 and 33. That could explain why people sometimes get 35/38, and 37/38 at other times. I don't know if these chests are what are preventing so many people from getting this achievement, but I do know that, after dozens of unsuccessful tries, I was able to get all 38 chests after doing these couple things. If you find yourself in the same predicament I found myself in, try what I did and see if it works for you, as well. Oh, and I got the achievement without having to replay chapter 10 after all that, so I know it registered, at least it did for me. Also, during the replay mentioned above, I shot the chest on the ledge by the gator-chompers after the chest with the invisible sword (which, I personally had zero problems with. I know it sounds crazy but, no bullshit, it chimed every time I opened it). And, I know for a fact that at least three chests were opened by enemies, both by being shot and meleed. Also, it might be worth noting that I did not play through all the chapters in any kind of order, at all. I was bouncing around between chapters and difficulty settings while working on a couple other achievments at the same time. (That's how I roll ) Hopefully, this might help someone else out down the road. And thank you, CloudedJudgment, for your kick ass treasure chest location guide.
  4. Just wanted to reconfirm for anyone who reads this thread that you can most definitely get the Who Wants My Autograph achievement using this method. I did it yesterday, using CJ's listed stategy. Worked like a charm. One other thing, you do not have to show 0/22 stages completed on whichever difficulty setting you are playing on, (or even the other two difficulty settings, for that matter), to get Who Wants My Autograph. This lends credence to the belief that you don't have to show 0/22 to get the MP achievements, as well. When I have personal confirmation one way or another, I will add it to this post.
  5. Okay, so I just wanted to let everyone know that this technique still works great! I just got the achievement earlier this morning. Now, for a few details. I first played this game almost 3 years ago, entirely offline (no Live at that time). Beat it on easy (22/22), normal (22/22), and 17/22 completed on hard. Got 42 or so of the achievements before I moved on to another game. Didn't play it again until a few weeks ago (this time, with Live, same profile). Even though I had written down which stages I had received an A or A+ on, I started from Chapter 1 anyway, just in case. Playing on easy, it took about 2 hours, or so, to play through. The achievement didn't pop until after the ending credits, even though I thought I only needed an A/A+ on Chapters 6, 8, and 11. However, due to other posters' testimonies, I'm guessing that I didn't have Chapter 15 done with an A like I thought I did. Also, I didn't get a grade on Chapter 3 (seems to be pretty common), and still got the achievement. Also, also, I didn't clear my game save and still got the achievement, which tells me you do not have to be showing 0/22 on any difficulty. (as I previously stated, 22/22, 22/22, 17/22 when I got this) In any event, follow the OP's general directions and you should get this achievement, no problem. At least, I did. Now, on to the treasure chest and MP achievements. Wish me luck.
  6. It never ceases to amaze me how people can think that their opinion on something (anything) is somehow "right" because it is their opinion, while everyone else with a differing opinion is somehow "wrong". Last I checked, they were (and still are) all opinions. And opinions are, by definition, not facts. They are subjective beliefs that are the result of emotion or (widely) varying interpretation OF facts. This thread is as indicative of that point as any. To each, his (or her) own. What's so complicated about that? People, that's what...Wait, that was supposed to be a rhetorical question...
  7. Once you start unlocking MP3s in the various modes, you end up with a fairly long list of tracks you can swap in and out of your custom list. (60 according to my screen, but i've read you get more after beating stages in Ranked. But, I got the achievement after beating Normal/Hard modes, with only the Prologue in Ranked, so maybe 60 is it. Not sure. Havent played through all levels in Ranked, yet.) However, you are limited to only 5 different tracks at a time. It would have been much cooler if they allowed 10 or 15 tracks on your play list. A straight up shuffle/random option would have been sweet. As it stands, there's still plenty of music to rotate in and out to keep it fresh. You have to be in a level to access the My Best Music option. Once you do, you can select any track in your five and swap it out for any that you have unlocked. You just have to reach a checkpoint after you change your list so it saves, because it doesn't always save automatically when you back out to the main menu. It's funny, though. Even though I can change the tracks whenever I like, I always end up going back to the Viking Metal tracks.
  8. Yeah, EA's policies aside, it could be worse. At least you can get over 1K GS from the single player/Co-op modes. Not to mention that this game is really, really fun. Don't bother getting the SSC Challenge DLC, as they are all MP achievements. Definitely get the Veteran's Map Pack. It's cheap (I paid 80 MSP for it like 2 years ago, but I've heard people say it is free now. If so, even better ), and most of the achievements are attainable via SP or Co-op. I'll take 1005 GS. I've heard of games where you get screwed out of 600, 800 GS. The fact that this game is as fun as it is, plus you can get over 1K on it (even if you can't complete it officially), make it a definite must buy/keeper. Note: if you can get a friend over to the house for some co-op, definitely do that. The aggro system is easier to utilize (with a little communication), because you don't have to worry about the other guy not taking cover where you want him to, or him charging kamikazi style into a hornet's nest of heavily armed guards, stuff like that. Co-op is where this game truly shines. It is Army of TWO, after all.
  9. I agree with you 100%. For me personally, the SP campaign was one of the funnest, good times-est games I have played. (The Miami Airport level was awesome!) Both solo and co-op were insanely, rediculously fun. I've heard a lot of people talk smack about this game, but I had as much fun playing this as any game I've played. Probably why I personally think "critics" and "reviewers" are pompous, self-righteous asses, generally speaking. #6, I feel the same way, although my completionist nature makes me feel like I SHOULD be bothered to play the second one. Whether or not I ever do, time will tell.
  10. I can't help but wonder, how much does it actually cost for EA to maintain any one given server. I mean, really. How much could it possibly cost for some IT guy in the EA server room in their secret underground dungeon/bunker/fortress to make sure that any one given server is maintained. This is just another entry on the long list of reasons why I hate EA more and more with each passing day. I just hope (beyond hope) that someone on EA's payroll somewhere might see this thread, especially #4's post. Why put online achievements in games? I have no problem at all with multiplayer. I just think it is more than a little callous on the part of EA to force developers to keep including these bullshit online "ranked" (hah!) achievements in their games. Most people boost them, anyway. Usually, for good reason. Usually, that reason is mediocre to horrible multiplayer features attached to a cool to kickass single player/co-op game that people want to complete. In this case, (and a few others), EA is simply saying, "hey, fuck you, consumer, AGAIN." It makes me more than a little nervous about when they're going to do this to other games that I want to get achievements in. And it definitely makes me not want to ever buy another EA game. Maybe EA will figure it out one day. I'm not holding my breath. EA sucks, end of story.
  11. Just another example of EA's typical "Fuck the Connsumer, as often and as as hard as we can" business mentality. Fuck you, EA. I'm done with anything you are trying to peddle. Everyone else, have a great day!
  12. Well, I got all of the original achievements within a couple weeks of launch, and didn't play after that for about 9 months. The entire time, it showed it as a "completed" game. I got all of the DLC packs a couple months ago, and it still showed it as a "completed" game after that. It wasn't until I actually put in the disc, started up the game and accepted the update, that the DLC achievements showed up. My total number of complete games went down one after that, too. So, it is technically possible to show it as "completed", without having played the DLCs. Though, I'm pretty sure it is only possible to do if you haven't gotten any of the updates, which effectively rules out playing while online. And since you have to accept the update to continue doing whatever online, it would appear that, unless you 1K'ed this game before the first update, you won't be able to show it as "completed" without the DLC achievements. Just wanted to point out that it is (was?) possible. Just not very likely to happen.
  13. Well, if you happen to have access to 2 consoles and 2 Gold profiles, yes, you can complete all of the MP achievements, except for Bum King and Restraint...Not, by yourself in private matches. Those require being in a ranked match, which requires 4 players. Although, I suppose if you happened to have access to 4 consoles and 4 profiles, you probably could get those youself, as well. I wouldn't know, for sure.
  14. This works amazingly well. Using two controllers, I can get 100 kills in 6-8 minutes. A couple little tips, though. Stand a little behind the Grenade Launcher spawn point, but close enough to automatically pick it up when it respawns, facing the armor in the blue lit corner. If you are in front of the spawn point at all, the enemy will respawn in the opposite corner of the map, by the other armor. Once you are in the right spot, let your ammo fill up. When it's full, launch away. I just held down both right triggers and watched my score (and kill count) go through the roof. It was a beautiful thing.
  15. @3 These amounts would be overall total OXP required to reach a given level, as opposed to how many OXP are required to get to the next level from whatever level you are currently at, correct? Because, otherwise, you're saying I have to win 570 races just to go from Lv. 49 to Lv. 50, 550 wins to go from Lv. 48 to Lv. 49, 530 wins to go from Lv. 47 to Lv. 48, etc. And that can't be right...unless there is some trick to getting more than 28 OXP per win. If there is, that would be awesome. I would sure love to hear it.
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