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  1. So I bought the game before I read your reply. 1) Yes, definitely feels a better game than 2010. I read about people complaining about the handling being worse in 2011 but I find it easier to drive? Weird. 2) I think I read somewhere that F1 2012 won't be out until the last quarter of this year, so a long way to go. 3) I found out firsthand about the retards online. WOW. Forget people being ignorant, it seems most ACTIVELY try to cause wrecks, it's worse than I imagined!
  2. Is the online portion really that bad? I've been playing the 2010 version online and I'm sick to the back of my teeth at how appallingly inconsiderate and non-chalant people are. They drive like it's banger racing and don't even make the smallest attempt at trying to stay clean! If 2011 is the same then I'm not sure I want to get it, eventhough I love F1.
  3. This looks and sounds like fun. I'll endeavour to get a copy of the game and see if I can get involved. Been playing the 2010 version and am sick TO THE TEETH of people driving like it's banger racing!
  4. Thanks a lot for the "expert setting exploit". I love F1 but lack the ability to win consistently with manual gears, sure this will help me out a lot!
  5. What is the best wheel to use? I always procrastinate over which one to buy!
  6. This has to be one of the toughest games to get achieves on! But somehow I'm still addicted to trying to get them. Stupid 100m sprint, I'm only 0.02s out!
  7. I'm not so much of a tapper, I'm more of a rubber, lol. I place the controller in my lap then holding with my left hand I place the right analogue stick so that it's touching the palm of my right hand. Then just waggle furiously. Hmm, sounds so much like a euphemism!
  8. Ok, for me there are two answers to the OP's question. As a cinematic/story ending I really liked it. As some others have already mentioned it did get emotional. You really get a sense of the burden and responsibility that Batman has had on his shoulders is partly lifted but also the guilt that was indellible in the Batman/Joker relationship may now never be removed. As an ending to a game I felt slightly cheated. I defeated Clayface and thought, "What? That's it?" It did feel like an anti-climax. I guess I was getting too pumped up in anticipation of a really big and tough fight for the ending, which never came.
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