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  1. While I would put Trigger miles and miles above Cross, I'm curious how the remaster turned out, so let us know. Chrono Trigger remaster when...
  2. Personally not miffed, they're coming out eventually. I'll be here to play them both when they do! 😄 I didn't know anything about Redfall until I heard it was delayed. Looks pretty fucking cool and I really like Arkane, so I'm looking forward to it now.
  3. Solid advice. I've been using Leather Cape +1 and Leather Band for the unity bonus and Warden/Amonite in the other slots. Just beat the third Estuary, once again with a Boxer but using the relic that stacks poison - holy shit that thing is a monster on that class. So much passive DoT. Not sure if I have a favourite class yet but it would definitely be melee. Ronin, Boxer, Knight, Assassin; all strong choices IMO.
  4. Right on, thanks for the tips! I've been focusing on Resolve, Armor, and Weight upgrades. Beat the first Estuary with a Boxer today; found being able to move through the boss as that class helped a ton (like the Duelist Roll you mentioned). I'm noticing a lot of influence from Hades in this sequel and I'm all for it.
  5. I loved the first game way back on PS Vita, bought the second the other day and damn it's good. Fought the first Estuary down to 50% with a Valkyrie, then down to 25% the next time with a Barbarian, so I'm hoping to off him in the next few runs. What's your favourite class so far and got any early game tips? I think I'm in my mid-20s for level. I'm trying to avoid activating House Rules until I beat the game once and leave that achievement for as long as possible.
  6. Add a marketplace where he can flip old bike frames for a profit and we'll never get him off the game 😄 I snuck a video of him and his latest project when he was between afternoon nap and 4pm dinner:
  7. Forum name: [Floyd.] XBA Tenure Length: 10 Years XBA Tenure Club: Tier 2 (10+ Years)
  8. "We are currently working on renewing the licenses for select historical archive footage used in-game, therefore, we have made the temporary decision to begin suspending the sale of METAL GEAR SOLID 2, METAL GEAR SOLID 3 and all products that include these games from digital storefronts globally" https://delistedgames.com/temporary-metal-gear-solid-2-and-3-delistings-begin-today/#:~:text=We are currently working on,storefronts globally starting from November Unavailable digitally until further notice.
  9. Have fun playing Metal Gear. Come back and let us know how they play on the Series X! The load times will probably be great.
  10. Those are part of the HD Collection, right? If so, yes; this particular bundle of MGS games are part of the backwards compatibility program, meaning that they can be run via disc or download on the Xbox One line of consoles as well as the Series.
  11. Nice, two more awards for the showcase! I went into GSL '22 with the goals of giving a shot to as many games as I could on Game Pass, and getting Team MVP without gamerscore trash games - mission accomplished! I know I've given Pups and Necro shit in other chats for spending so much money but, like Pups said, if it's your one hobby and your life is in balance, who cares. People who call you out publicly like that are envious, plain and simple. Hell, I'm envious. Great job this year, both staff running it and members participating. Relatively drama free and full of dumb Dook jokes 😄
  12. 75g of story achievements didn't unlock in City and removing profile etc. didn't fix them.
  13. Bought the Arkham Collection for pennies last week and have been loving them so far. Never played the Batman games, so Asylum was fresh and new (Mark Hamill is amazing as Joker), just way too short. It was like 10hrs! Started City earlier this week and it's a huge improvement over Asylum in pretty much every way. Probably have it done by the end of GSL and then I'll need a Batman break lol before I move on to Knight. I'm shocked at how many awesome quality games I've managed to play this GSL.
  14. There's a puzzle game with a jump scare!? I would die.
  15. Good god this sounds worse than playing 300k of garbage 😅
  16. Boom! Another dance comp down, another 3/3 first place awards and two misc. judges' awards. My daughter is officially the queen of dancing! Edit: Oh shit, we are watching the overall awards right now and she got first AND second place overall in her age. Holy shit so proud.
  17. There are other quick ones on Game Pass like Donut County, Full Throttle, Procession to Calvary, Unpacking, etc. Not sure which ones you've done already but you should go for that 5k entry!
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