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    Lorena. 23. British/Spanish mongrel. Paralian. Idealist. Collector of comics, hats & video games
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  1. Need one or two more people for the Boned achievement. Send a friend request or message to "juujiro!"
  2. I'm just getting into the series, since buying the anthology, and need someone to play Brotherhood online with. I have two friends with the game but they're not online often, so add me for boosting online achievements! GT is "juujiro"
  3. Hello! You might have noticed already, this game is on sale right now for a bargain price and I'm sure many people have recently bought it and have no idea what to do! I bought this at release and played it for over two years, maxing out everything, before purchasing a new xbox and losing my save. I didn't mind too much though because I could start anew on Xbox Live and in this game, something that is bizarrely fun for me! So! Since the game is on sale, I was hoping I could catch the attention of new players who want new friends to play with. So you'd be paired up with someone who knows what they're doing but has newbie level equipment right now to show you the ropes and grow with you! I'm really excited for new players breathing life into the multiplayer of this game again so please, please if you're interested, let me know! My gamertag is "juujiro" Send me a message!
  4. I know there's plenty of threads about this glitchy boss fight - which has honestly ruined any and all enjoyment I've had in this game - but none offer a solution for my problem. I bought this game immediately after playing the demo and played it the entire night it came out, only to give up midway through because it became unplayable due to glitches. Recently, a friend of mine purchased it when it was on sale so I decided to go through it again with her hoping all the glitches had been fixed. I didn't experience any, apart from my potion unassigning itself randomly but she had lots. Including losing powers, freezing at odd points, and merchants stealing her items. I didn't experience any, that is, until we reached the final boss. But I'm not even sure it is a glitch. I don't know what it is. It took us about five failed attempts to figure out what to do exactly, hitting the feet then the head then running to Rezlus. But no matter how hard we try, we can't reach him. We've tried running through the flames, we've tried waiting until the flames are gone and holding forward the whole time. I've tried rolling toward him, we're wearing gear that increases our movement speed but we can't make it to him because the dragon almost instantly pushes us back. We've tried mashing 'Y' before the flame disperse, while we're pushing forward to try and reach him. Everything! There's literally no second for us to get through the gap until he blows us away (it also feels like there's an invisible barrier preventing us from doing it) .
  5. ME1: Kaidan ME2: Garrus ME3: Samantha Traynor This, all the way.
  6. This... depresses me, to be frank. The sheer number who missed out on Wrex, who either didn't play the first two games and/or barely got through this one let alone do a second run through. I'm also shocked at the low percentage of players who chose FemShep. Both voice actors are fantastic, but in my opinion Jennifer Hale is so much more... emotive and fun to listen to. And... as one of the few people who adores Kaidan, I'm upset that he's at the bottom of the most popular squad members. I love his character, I love his class, he's incredibly useful so I can't fathom why he's so low. Especially since most of percentage clearly never imported saves so they wouldn't have had a chance to kill him off, they must have opted for Ashley at the beginning or simply ignored him the whole way through if they did choose him. Sad because he's one of my favourite characters I'm not surprised that soldier is highest, but by that much!? Wow. The only time I've ever used a soldier is in multiplayer, and even then very rarely (the two Geths and the Turian Havoc.) I find them to be so boring compared to caster classes, and the two power based classes are... right at the bottom. I don't know, this whole thing saddens me. Proud to say I'm one of the 4% to beat it on insanity though! I still can't bring myself to do ME1 on insanity however, because for me it's the hardest of the three.
  7. I only have one or two friends left who still play this So I'd love to befriend more ME3 fans who don't take the multiplayer too seriously, don't mind being silly and are friendly and chatty. I mainly play with my best friend and Silver and Gold with just the two of us gets sort of boring. Never done Platinum before so maybe that'd be interesting too, never had a team full of people willing to take it on who would communicate well. I use all the characters but favourites remain N7 Fury, Asari Huntress, Turian Havoc, Alliance Infiltration Unit, Cabal Vanguard (probably not on gold yet though) and Geth Engineer. GT is swoobats if you're interested.
  8. I swear I've been slightly staggered by Banshees. Only Banshees. Otherwise, the only things capable of knocking down the Juggernaut for me has been a Turret I might not have seen or a group of Ravagers. I have to say I enjoy being the Juggernaut because it saves some of my... uh... otherwise reckless teammates from repeatedly getting sync killed. I'm actually having fun distracting Primes, zapping their shields with melee while a group of Krogan Warlords smash him from behind. I normally hate tanky characters but this guy... I love him.
  9. You're judging based on its achievement list before it's even released and complaining because it's not free... how on earth are those fair criticisms? You're not entitled to it for free.
  10. I googled this and can find nothing describing in detail how to get the achievement. There are no videos on YouTube detailing it either, so either I'm incredibly dumb or this achievement is simply not unlocking for me. It's starting to bug me. At first I thought it meant getting a level cap +3 once I went past every checkpoint, including the final checkpoint. Thus, it would literally be a perfect finish. I've done that on multiple songs, going perfect throughout the whole song and it hasn't popped. So then my brother suggested what the achievement guide must mean is keeping all but one of the tracks at their level cap, then once reaching the final checkpoint, pushing that one track to the level cap. I tried this. It didn't work. I've gone through songs as normal as well, making natural mistakes and sometimes missing the level cap but ensuring I get a +3 when reaching the final checkpoint. Nothing. I don't understand what this achievement wants me to do...? How did you guys get this? Because I've tried everything just through natural gameplay and going out of my way to figure it out and... nothing.
  11. Need help getting/boosting STRENGTH IN NUMBERS and WEDDING CRASHER if anyone is interested. Might have a friend wanting to get them too, so that's two. Those are the only two achievements I need to complete the game. Will provide help or just a general teammate if anyone needs one in return.
  12. People will always hate on what's popular, whether their reasons are legitimate or not. Some dislike CoD because they've had or heard of bad experiences with the fanbase. Some because it doesn't compare to other shooters, but gets more attention. The people OP refers to are clearly the "STOP LIKING WHAT I DON'T LIKE" sort. I'll be honest. I'm not a CoD fan. I played CoD 4 and MW2 but never, ever online. They were good games, but nothing I was going to scribble onto my top favourites list. I wasn't that into them, but I wasn't going to bitch at all the friends I had who enjoyed them tremendously. Live and let live and all that. Then I bought Blops II recently. It actually looked like fun and one of my friends encouraged me to try it out. Why not? I didn't have outrageous expectations of it. I wasn't going to be disappointed. I was either going to have fun or return it. But when other friends found out I owned it, they started to act... elitist? As if they were judging me for playing it. Making snide remarks. It was stupid and I was sort of taken aback by it but shrugged it off. In the end, if you get pleasure out of the game, then who the hell cares what anyone any else thinks. You're having fun, they're spending their time bitching about you having fun. Sucks to be them.
  13. My GOTY without a doubt is Dragon's Dogma, followed closely by Sleeping Dogs. I'm playing Far Cry 3 right now and it's creeping up there too. Mass Effect 3 would have gone up there too if not for my conflicting emotions over some of the story. Overall, I loved the game though.
  14. L4D2 but only with friends because I'm not too into being vote kicked from versus by crybabies. I used to play TF2 with friends on the Xbox too until I convinced some of them to get the PC version. I swear I encounter far too many cheaters/griefers when I jump into games on the Xbox version. Castlevania: Harmony of Despair Borderlands 2 Mass Effect 3 Minecraft (Xbox and PC versions) Halo: Reach Tekken Tag Tournament Maybe Far Cry 3 soon? Undecided!
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