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  1. The parade is the ending, everything after that is trying to get 100% completion.
  2. Looking for someone to run through the campaign with. I have all day tomorrow and you have to be available pretty much ALL DAY as you can not save and must run through the story all at one time. Hit me up if you're going to be available and we can set up a time today to meet online tomorrow. GT - xxFlAwLeSs13xx
  3. You should add that they are counting the one mans trash as a survivor mission. I never got a call for one mans trash. But I like a couple of other people couldn't get a call for more than 7 survivors total. So having already ran through the story line I remembered the one mans trash mission. As soon as I finished it, bam, the welcome to the family mission popped.
  4. Wow this one is kicking my ass. Only other level I had difficulty with was no fighting in the war room. Daaaammmnnnn!!!
  5. My 7 year old daughter has been playing this game and when she gets to a part she can't pass she hands me the controller. But now it seems that there are parts that even I can't get. This game seems way to hard for its intended audience. Way to go Disney what a great game for kids :/
  6. I'd like to try and trade my extra dolls for the 2 items I still need. I need a Hero doll and a chicken suit. I have a Garth and Theresa doll. Hit me up on xbox live gamer tag is: xxFlAwLeSs13xx
  7. Awww, there's where I went wrong, I just went to a bathroom, saved and ended my game. That sucks, but I think I'm doing ok. Thanks for the clarification.
  8. Don't know if it has been said yet, but I will add don't only have food that will heal 12 heal points as you won't be able to grab the lower costing food items without waisting them.
  9. So I had to start it again.... and the same crap happened. Paul ended up dying by his own molotov cocktail and I didn't get his box. Sucks, but I hope it helps some people out. Edit: Also an FYI if you kill the 3 snipers in Leisure Park the convicts come on the second day. Found that one out the hard way...
  10. Just curious if this happened to anyone else. I got the Zombie Genocider achievement and saved after doing it but I didn't get the Mega Buster. Kinda sucks but I think I'll live. I'm definitely not doing it again.
  11. Why the hell is this not stickied, linked to the achievement guide, and/or linked to the everything you need to know about Dead Rising thread???? Come on xbox360 achievements.org, kinda dropped the ball on this one. If it is already it should be outlined a little better. Took me forever to find it and it is perfect.
  12. So I'm trying for this 7 day survivor achievement and I was going after Paul on day 1. He ended up blowing himself up and died and I didn't get his box. WTF???? Total waist of time and health.
  13. Can you still get the Feign attack book? If so where?
  14. What is the other 20 that I can get? I seem to have maxed out at 600 with the servers down.
  15. Never mind, I answered my own question. It's accessible any time.
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