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  1. Not all games are for everyone. Its fair enough that you dont like it but I think the only reason you hate it is because you are forcing yourself to play it for the achievements. I actually liked asylum more than City, its actually one of my favourite games of all time. Think I've 100% it 5+times (on the ps). Now its available for free I got it for the xbox and I'm 'forcing' myself to play the challanges. I never really cared for them, just the campaign. I never thought hard was that hard on Asylum, only died like twice (once on Ivy and once on bane, i stopped paying attention for a few seconds and got stuck in a corner and bane pummelled me lol). But I played City before I played asylum so I was already decent tbf. Though for some reason I find City on hard alot harder and new game + incredibly hard. Suppose I find Asylum easier because theirs less buttons etc. Anywho... I'm going a bit far into it now lol, just saying if you arent having fun dont force yourself to do it. Maybe take a break and try in a month or 2. (Unless you have already finished it... Then congrats )
  2. Easiest way to kill him imo is use you 2 'free turns' to put status effects on him (like burn) Then once he has summoned his guys only the middle one uses concussion grenades and for me he always used it on his 2nd turn, so hit him, stun him kill him and he wont be able to stun you. Then you can take the rest out using butters heal and revives when needed (if needed). I dont know what my weapons were but I think i had the mongorian bow and the sword that hits every one in the line (perfect hit). Hit with the bow first (as that can only hit once) then with the sword (will hit both agent and al gore with a status effect (if its patched right)) I used the Jew and use the fart to stun the middle guy. Dont know if any of that makes sense but thats how I beat him. Was pretty easy when I realised only the middle guy has the concussion grenade and when he uses it
  3. Free DLC can have achievements. Red dead redemption had a free DLC that added 100GS (If I remember right)
  4. The skip cards are pretty rare but I dont see why people are getting extremely angry. When a game has packs/something random when you want it to happen or want something it will seem like you get everything but what you want. You have to remember there are loads of different cards so the chance of you getting one in a pack of only 6 is small. (definitely if you want 1 specific card). There is no glitch, there is no hack its just computer generated luck. It is set at a certain chance rate, you are just unlucky. Also EA does still have microtransactions (if thats what you call them) in Fifa. Fifa points cost real money to buy packs in game. (think madden too but not sure)
  5. I think you're right. But I already have that outfit and I got the achievement for all weapons+clothes. So I guess the counter is just broken (at least in my game). Was right everywhere else just not the school :S
  6. I think you're on the Jimbo quest. you have them in you're inventory. If you mean the location to put them down, they are both in the sewers. I cant remember where the mouse (cheese) is but if you have been in the sewer and still having trouble finding the bat(orange) I can tell you its exact location
  7. I played as a Jew too and I think its pretty op. Havent played with other classes yet but only battle I had a problem with was with Al Gore, but aftter the first time or 2 I made a strategy in my mind and killed him quite easily. Anyway the morale of the story is as long as you have a working strategy the game isnt to bad, but you have to be able to adapt because the stragety will likely change every time you get a better weapon. I dont think your problem is strategy or class though. If you're having difficuilty blocking basic attacks or getting you attacks timed right the game will be very hard on easy/normal/hard. certain attacks are hard/impossible to block but to have a chance you need to be able to block or half block most attacks(and hit properly too). Dont know how you can practice though, I guess just trial and error. Or cheat use Mage like someone said and keep using the first pp power (then use cartmans fart power when you unlock him. Wipes everything out lol)
  8. Not true. He unfriends you and never comes back on your list. He sent me a message saying "everything was fine until you came along" seen so I only did one playtrhough to get the 1000G i never checked to see if he sent you the message regardlessly or only if you friended him. Maybe thats a way? Unless someone can confirm either way, I'd say no way to tell.
  9. I like Cartmans quotes in Kyles house, cant remember the exact lines but "They painted the kitchen this colour because they like Gold for some reason" "Kyles mom is a fairly large bitch" Or the entire clip where he is telling the plan and its full of cliches so the kids keep complaining and asking to skip, but when you press B it says 'cant skip'. Only clip in the game that you cant skip lol. Wont go in to details because of spoilers. And another one I love was when a certain someone turned up to explain why something happend. (Those who have finishe the game know what I mean)
  10. He says move it behind him. Thats not true, the fart goes to the left no matter what. So what you have to do is: press the right stick down when prompted Hold the left stick in the direction where the wavy line (inside the oval) is going crazy, keep holding it. (Even though its not going behind Randy) Press right stick up when prompted If you dont see the oval, it seems like a glitch (i never had that problem) in that case case hold the stick in the direction that makes the controller vibrate the most. (Might take a while to find. Mine was all the way left if I remember right, didnt have to move the left stick up or any of that) Dont worry, the fart is nothing like this when you unlock it and alot easier. If you're still having problems I'll try and help more
  11. He will go off your list. So there is no way to tell until you either get the achievement or not.
  12. He will go off your list. So there is no way to tell until you either get the achievement or not.
  13. So I need another 6 weapons and 4 Clothing sets. 6 weapons and 3 sets are at Kyles house (dont have the money atm) But the last thing I need is the Squires set. I have the Armor+Gloves just need the headgear :S Does anyone know where it is? Because I'm getting a bad feeling its missable in the school +it says there is still 3 equipment at school, but I dont get how that is possible since I'm only missing the headgear :S **edit** Never mind. It was on top of the U-store-it garages (get up there via butters Garage) Still Question Remains what is at the school :S
  14. For snaretastic, you can also do it on garden ops. If you do it on garden ops you dont even have to swallow them, cause the snare kills them in 1 hit. For plant perfect, i dont know if it was a glitch but on one of the levels you have to destroy a giant flower as the zombies (at the end) when We destroyed the flower i got the achievement (even though the perfect game was for the zombies not the plants.) not sure if anyone else can confirm this A super boss wave is activated when the slots all land on one type of boss. You'll get a cut scene of the boss arriving and it will say "super (boss) wave". Just beat the wave like normal and it will unlock. And thats all i can add to the guide Its looking good so far
  15. I agree, Matt and Trey must of agreed to it at some point so i cant see it taking much from the game. So I cant see it being worth the hassle of cancelling and pre-ordering it again. Thats what I'm thinking, would make little sense. But I've never pre-ordered a game before that suddenly is being censored and then not being available to pre order lol. So heres hoping they dont do something strange
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