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  1. hey I'm after the borderlands achievement "and they'll tell two friends" if you're still doing that

  2. Well from the mission start you go back to the teleport stone teleport to north highplains past the king behemoth and megistotherian jump on the chocobo at the top of the hill and ride to the save point near the mark, save the game then head to the mark it takes roughly 2-3 mins to get there and no the platinum ingot isn't garanteed (spelt correctly?) and yes you may need to reload if you don't get it but it's certainly faster than finishing the fight with just the gold nugget mission reward walking back to the teleport stone in the north highplains to go back to sulyya springs to restart the mission and heading back than just reloading til you get the ingot then head back. Most people who have tried know how annoying fighting long/shaolong guis can be even at max crystarium myself among them I was searching through the forums for various strategies that I could use but none of them suited my style of play or would take longer than i wanted as now I only need the 5 dark matters to get everything for treasure hunter, I've finished everything else in the game and I've read many stories that out of 10 battles with shaolongs only 2-3 were won so the most logical answer would lie with the adams and the plat ingots for money and I read in another forum that mission 63, which I knew was an adam and the reward was a gold nugget, added the values together, got the price of dark matters and with a little working out you only need to do it 20 times ideally to get enough to buy them all, just a few retries and make sure you have one collector's cat on as more than one cancels it out but I'm not sure if starring the cat will improve it more than one that isn't but at least this method is more reliable than the one in leviathan plazacos you get a little more and it only takes 4 runs to get 1 dark matter rather than 6 runs in the plaza. hope this helps a lot of people who are struggling for money to buy materials for upgrading, dark matters for those who can't reliably beat the guis or just cba trying, and if you beat up all enemy groups between the mission start and the mark in the main linear path to and from said points (excluding the guis on the path) you can get 175480 CP per run at least if you take the direct to and from route with the growth egg on.
  3. yea and im not gonna fight guis i just cba with all the hassle it's take longer but i'm gonna buy them and using mission 63 repeatedly until i have enough for them cos ideally if you look at it this way you start the mission go to the mark you can save it just before and keep fighting it til you get a plat ingot and the mission reward is a gold nugget worth 60k add that to the 150k from the ingot and thats 210k per mission run, if i recall correctly a dark matter is worth 840k so 4 runs gives you that then times by 5 and it's 20 runs to get the money to buy all the dark matters selling everything i no longer need when i've finished
  4. well yea but before chapter 12 you get like 20 mins to beat him before you can't get 5 stars, I beat him in like 15 when I went to do it and I had 5 starred all the missions without using the gold watch from mission 64 all because I followed the guide as a basic guide line for strategy in each one.
  5. I'm gaining things fast by selling everything I no longer need or don't use, I've selected which weapons I'm making third tier then I just upgrade the other weapons to 2nd tier then sell them, for me to effectively kill guis I need to get power gloves and weirding glyphs maxed out and a pair of sprint shoes for everyone (only got one more pair to get). I'm still needing one more trap once I get that I'm off for the last pair of sprint shoes and then checking various guides for strategies to kill them and make sure I have everything I need, I've already got the 3 gaian rings maxed and equipped. I'm not touching the scar/perfume farming though due to having to sell 2 scars I will have to get them back and I've never had or bought a dark matter for me to get everything I need for treasure hunter and have everything to beat guis easier I need 11 dark matters and 3 Adamantites, though the selling price of traps is ridiculous 10k to sell but 2 mill to buy? If you buy an Ultracompact Reactor for 50k you can sell it for 25k so a bit unfair if you ask me.
  6. The only problem I had with mission 51 was that it was long winded personally, I had no trouble keeping everyone's health up and just kept whittling away at it's hp.
  7. mission 64 can be long winded but following the guide from comment #3, you can do the mission for 5 stars as soon as you complete the main game and mission 55 is easy if you can hit the death spell before it screams at you on lower levels.
  8. I'm now down to 2 tier 1 weapons that I need either adamantite or dark matter for and need just 1 trap to get sazhs 3rd tier weapon then i've got 6 accesories that I need either adamantite or dark matter to upgrade to get everything
  9. I'm still needing over a million gil and i only have 3 weapons to upgrade to tier 2 and 4 to 3rd got 2 traps to get theni gotta get the dark matters
  10. bad idea on the UR for weapons the only two you should use them on is snow's power and sacrificial circle one each otherwise use super conductors it's most cost effective for you, I've now got all weapons starred and ready to reach tier 2 just need the catalysts for them and then more leveling for the 3rd tier ones.
  11. alright then how many weapons you got left to make tier 2? and how many scars you got? I got 4 weapons to get to 3rd tier and 8 to get to 2nd, needing over 2 million gil to buy the dragoon lance and the catalysts I still need to buy doing everything I can on the adams before I head to the guis to finish off just one role to max on each person
  12. Personally, I haven't touched the guis apart from the one for the achievement and that was using the summon trick, which catalysts do you have and how many and what do you still need to upgrade? Also just to note that you should put on 36 sturdy bones/vibrant oozes/barbed tails on the items first to gain the 3x exp for the item then use super conductors or the occasional ultracompact reactor I've made a list of everything I need to still upgrade and what everything costs that I need so with the numbers of what you have left to do and the amount of catalysts you have and which ones I can tell you if you need to sell any of the catalysts to get you a bit extra money as I have enough scars so I know that any more I can just sell them and I know exactly how many of the other catalysts I still need
  13. since my last post I've had only 1 trap need 3 more now, and I know that repeating the same route can and is getting annoying I'm the same and I'm just doing the stupid tortoise. Mission 24's item is moonblossom or moonflower seed it's worth 6000 per one and you always get it and can finish the battle in about 30 seconds at most and the mission start is right next to it, but it gets more monotonous than the scar/perfume farming. Do you know how much gil you need?
  14. In terms of the amount of gil you can recieve it is the best place that I've found but as you know all too well it can be incredibly frustrating when you don't get anything after all that time killing the damn thing, like me I need a load of gil like 2 million now but I also need 4 more traps. I'm not bothering with the dismantling trick cos it costs more money to upgrade it fully then dismantle it rather than using the money on stuff you need to upgrade other stuff that you want or need to uprgade to get treasure hunter or getting those 3rd tier weapons. Out of all the 50+ victories I've had I've had like 6 platinum ingots and only 2 traps, it's just luck based really some get like 3 traps in a row then nothing for a while, others get one every other battle and then the majority get nothing til one item later mainly an ingot and rarely a trap then nothing for ages again. Other money farming areas are the perfume and scar farming from the sacrifices, more likely to get the items but only 12,500 and 7000 respectively or redo mission 24 again and again and sell the item you get for 6000 each, hope that helps.
  15. Are you referring to attacus (mission 51)? I know how you feel about that one that wasn't hard nor easy for me, with the right prep you can beat it pre post game but it's really long winded. I'm not claiming all of these missions were really easy as I know that the majority of the hardest missions on the game are based on good luck, good timing and/or good reflexes. If you keep up with upgrading and leveling up the crystarium it is possible to do all the missions before chapter 12, however to make things easier for the adamantoise farming you will be doing, don't do all the titan's challenges (the few c'ieth stones together near where you see him). If you have done them all like I did then you'll be stuck farming them in leviathan plaza in eden and the rate of getting items sucks more than a vacuum cleaner, killed over 30 adamantoises and only 5 plat ingots and one trap it's driving me nuts.
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