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    I love Video games, paintball, and BSG
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    paintball, Video games, Drinking, RC heliocopters, airplanes, Cars, shopping

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  1. Hey, no problem! Just thought I'd offer. If you'd just like to join for fun, hitting the minimum score requirement (2,500G) will give you a chance to win a free game of your choice! Sign ups are open for at least another week, so maybe think about? :)

  2. I don’t think I have it in me to grind out some achievement:(

  3. Are you really, really, really, ridiculously good looking? [Link] :francis:

  4. So far marriage hasn't changed too much - now we're working on getting our home all in order. Should be into a house by April/May, and I cannot wait! Otherwise, though it's only been a month, things haven't changed too much, though I'm sure that's just a matter of time. Kids are in the future for sure, but we're holding out for another five years or so.


    If it's been 15 years since you've been to Denver/Colorado, you'll be in for a treat, as I've been told a lot has changed within that time. I'm about 45 minutes north of Denver in the town of Loveland (not to be confused with the ski resort in the mountains), right next to Ft. Collins, where CSU is. Feel free to hit me up, me and my wife will grab you and yours a drink! ;)


    I've honestly been tempted to look into a Switch, but I know I'd never play it outside of the party games like Mario Kart and an inevitable Mario Party... Maybe when it sees heavier price drops.


    Hope the holidays were good! See ya around!

  5. Congrats on the marriage, you have no idea what you got yourself into :rolleyes: jk I’ve been married for a long time now.

    We are hoping to go out go out to Denver this year and visit my sister-in law. I use to go to Denver all the time as a kid to go skiing, haven’t been in like 15yrs.

    I don’t game at all on the PC so i don’t have a steam account. I mainly just play xbox, but just got the kids a Nintendo switch so playing a little bit of that! Love me some Mario kart haha

  6. Heh, the only chat service I use for IM'ing is Facebook. Outside of that I use Skype for work and Discord for play, so I'm not too sure about AIM of MSN, lol. It's been AGES since I've used either of those.


    I'm almost exclusively a PC gamer these days, though I do have an Xbox One and PS4, but they're mainly just a dust collector. As for real life, I've since moved to Colorado and actually just got married on November 5th of this year.


    Maybe I'll catch ya in a community gaming event around here or something, and if you use Steam at all, feel free to find my profile link in my signature and send me a request!

  7. Hey buddy long time no chat. Does MSN chat still exist? Or did it shut down with AOL:p Lol good times. Nah, not dead still very much alive and still gaming just not GS hardcore.. how have you been?

  8. Woah! Another old-school X360A'er whose confirmed NOT DEAD! YAY!


    Haha, how have ya been?

  9. Ooo a GSL, i bet i have not done one since 07 either. I wouldn’t have it in me to do one, so much work and so little time. I was chatting with some people on xbox catching up with krazie and Yaz and someone else the other day and it was crazy i havn’t talk to them in like 8yrs. It was nice to catch up with some people :) good luck in your GSL and I’ll be around here and there :)

  10. I'm trying to hit my 300k in GSL. Crazy that it's the first GSL I have ever done since 2007!!?? Lol. Everything is going pretty good with me. Insanely busy! I've missed you around the site! Hopefully we get to see more of you!

  11. It goes, just trying to get back into the swing of things and get to 300k it only taken me 7 yrs lol!

    What’s new with you? :)

  12. What's up stranger!? How's life!?

  13. I figured it out! Apparently i never finished the side mission after i did the big white croc. There was a second part and i tracked another story mission. So for the large marjority of the game crocs were my friends which helped out alot cause they would fight everybody else off. Haha but i got if fixed thanks for the feed back ya'll
  14. Thanks for message. Yea i figured it out i guess I never fished a side mission to get back t normal on the crocodiles. But all is fixed now! Thanks

  15. Great to see you're still gaming! Sorry to read about your Assassin's Creed: Origins issue. I would have replied in the thread, but simply don't have a good solution for you. The only thing I can think of is to start a new game after you've done everything else.



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