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  1. If you need my replay on slash mode, look under the type 2 leaderboards for my gamer tag. It should still be around the top 30 (last I checked), and maybe one of few that registered an encounter with the True Last Boss.
  2. Sure, there's the task of reaching the game's true last boss. Sure, you must watch the entire ending plus staff roll. But are there ways around this? Do you watch the ending and not the staff roll to obtain the achievement? Can you watch a replay of someone else that completed the true ending?
  3. Single play or multi play permits replay saving; story mode might not. Did you confirm which hard drive to save for replays (1st prompt for load data, 2nd prompt for saved replays) at start-up? The saving of replays may have to be to the end segment (the game over or game clear) of the session.
  4. Barely managed to get my 10 straight wins legit; only to wind up in a losing streak around match 11. Haven't checked on my battle log for awhile but I'm guessing that losing streak also went as far as 10. How (un)lucky can one get? As for characters, used various characters(not random select). Again have to check battle log.
  5. Whether there are still some copies of the game here SouthWest. Been holding out on the PGR series for quite a while. Yet, now I'm interested in this game.
  6. Remember Leisure Suit Larry for early PCs? I'm thinking that may count. If not, I only played a bit of Mortal Kombat 2 on SNES. Years after that was Conker's Bad Fur Day, and one game from Army Men series(based off the miniature green army men figures).
  7. Rocko's Modern life Hey Arnold Tale Spin Duck Tales Good times for my interest in cartoons. If only they could extend that time longer.
  8. I still have that concern of procrastination to the point I require any sort of prompt to those tasks. Although when I do the task its all just OK works, nothing spectacular. Constant OKs can lower one's morale to do the next task.
  9. Trying to get back into Forza Motorsport 4 as of this time. Exp. on racing has gone down for some time. I need those exp. back.
  10. Depends on how close/far I get to the full 1000G. Around the 700-900 range can frustrate someone's prowess unless that one game hits 1000. Other times it's having less than 300 on a game that really torments thee.
  11. I primarily speak English, some words/phrases in Japanese, and and a little bit of Tagalog words. : Sometimes speaking the language is the easy part; translating that language is harder.
  12. Played the Sonic Adventure 2 and a bit of 1, but more so prefer Sonic Adventure 2. Maybe I too shall anticipate the release of this game. Its been years since I last played those games on the dreamcast.
  13. 1.Sengoku Basara already has a game franchise licensed by Capcom. 2.Warriors Orochi did that already. Although the Marvel vs Capcom theme is interesting, I worry about its end result.
  14. There was another based off Saint Seiya/Knights of the Zodiac. Was there any word on if its already out? Other than that, "who else can they partner with for making a warriors game?" is more so the concern for me. Can hardly figure other ideas on franchises unless they partner with other companies.
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