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  1. I want the wallet and also the CD. But being from the UK I doubt I'll get either Is there any UK equivalent of this?
  2. The young driver test, which supposedly all players have to go through as like a difficulty test too, will help to explain the basics of everything. From what I know it's split over 2 events or "days." Day 1 is the main bulk of things, teaching you the basics and assessing your ability. Day 2 is optional and goes through more advanced techniques.
  3. Made my mind up for me then, xbox it is! It was really good on 2010, but I think we caught everyone in like their first year of Uni/between jobs then. I think that's why 2011 failed really, I know for me it was impossible to play once I'd moved, but if I'm in my own place by September which I should be, then I'd love to join again.
  4. I'm torn on whether to buy this on a nice new PC, or stick with 360, the framerate issues on Monaco and some other tracks have been an annoyance the past 2 years, that and some release day bugs (11-11 springs this time around) have soured the experience slightly but other than that I can't wait. I do hope we can rekindle the championship this year. The little one will be an age where she can sleep through nights and I could have my own place by then so out will come the wheel again! (Along with hopefully no pit lane entry crashes xD)
  5. Well you were late for the first race, so you'll be in reserve.
  6. I have an idea for the "Robot like consistency" achievement. My idea is to pick a track like say, Montreal, where the lap times are around 1:15, but instead of driving flat out, drive really slowly and basically stop right by the finish line. Then as the clock approaches 2:00 push yourself over the line. Then repeat again and again until it pops. It's not precise by any means but may be easier than trying to set blistering laps consecutively.
  7. In my view, KERS is best deployed when coming out of a slow corner onto a long straight. DRS should only really be deployed on a straight too. You can reality feel a shift in aerodynamics if you open that rear wing in the middle of a corner!
  8. Amended Have you down as a reserve but the way it's going we could start a "second division" championship soon!
  9. Added. On another note, can someone tell me what the hell is going on with the first race? I thought we had it all set for Friday 30th at 8PM?
  10. Well I'll be trying to pick the game up tomorrow, we'll see if it works or not. If I get it I may have to quit my job and play it 24/7! Job
  11. Well work have truly screwed me over yet again. Instead of being in work Monday to Thursday til 11pm, I'm in til 1am now so I really don't think I'll get any practice races in this week (if I get it early) ~_~
  12. So far I've heard yes from everyone but Quicksand Jesus, who is unsure for now. Sounds like we have our first race!
  13. How does Friday 30th September at say 7:30 GMT, sound?
  14. As Brad says, it's not about speed. As long as you can keep the car pointing the right way there will be someone to compete with no matter how fast/slow. I'd consider myself Mr. Average in this, I expect to finish mid-table say, 8th or 9th. But I know already that Patriot and Tully/Shelton are around my pace and that's before we race with the other 6 new guys. I'll be perfectly honest, last year I think I was lapped in every race, sometimes even twice to three times, but we still all had fun, hence why we're back this year
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