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  1. i have no problems for playing for hours at a time, i havent noticed any drop frame rates but im playing on an xbox one x
  2. sorry pants im sure youve finished the game by now and me responding is useless but with money up and drop up, they stack. the millionaire doesnt get better but it still adds to it. i had 3 money ups, 2 drop ups and a millionaire
  3. ty, i didnt realize my first playthrough with it and i didnt realize they had to be in the party so i spent 4 hours getting sonia to her ending because i didnt put her in the party for bonding lollll best method i noticed is to go to the right fighting mobs and rest at each campsite until you have a date and tele back, do the date and repeat. should only take a couple camps before you have a date as long as you get the heart question things. but if you get stuck on anything or just need a tip for something my gt is grim1192, message and ill help ya
  4. ohh i see lol i finished it 100% but thatll be useful for others
  5. definitely want image training as soon as possible because depending whos in your party, you end up using two specific characters for a fight by them selves and it can suck if they arent close to 50. to be honest id farm out another 10 egg pouches, 4 for 2x drop aspect and 6 for 3x money up aspect. very helpful with farming end game. and ive noticed that quest is mostly op. 4 but it may show later
  6. hey party pants you said you were in op. 4. i suggest doing rapples quest to do the demon fruit,so you can get image training for everyone else to level while they arent in your party. craft steal attack aspect, Eletric Suckers can be stolen/dropped from Floating Octos in Djingharna Ruins you need 3. Muting Cloths can only be dropped from Wraiths in Ladlum Caverns you need 2 when you have that aspect, equip a melee and farm satan in sleepy hollow for demon fruit, 15 demon fruit for the 5 characters that are out of play, you attack him til you steal and then escape, rinse and repeat. if his health gets half way before stealing just escape. next youll wanna farm the egg pouch quest in front of kirika, shows up every couple of days, you just have to sleep in the in over and over to get it to show. better to do this earlier or itll also level your peoples tunings who are out of combat
  7. no problem, i just beat it for both modes, thats how i know. you need to max one tuning per character, itll unlock 3 more for each character when you do i think it was, then kill the rare monsters from requiem for the enemy achievement for one tuning each monster, and then do fernados quest line. has to be done in refrain mode.... i just found out after doing everything, i was short just a small percent on the tuning and then found this, "You can buy special sigils by Lislotte for 10000G each that gives you with a bit of luck a tuning as Special Reward. The sigils are Imperial Blade, Bullet Witch, Magician Knight, Shining Princess, Shining Priestess, Beowulfs Revenge, Berserker Blade, Imperial Ninja, Magiclans eys and Dragonshift (not 100% sure anymore about the dragonshift sigil because after you get the tuning from the sigil you will only get scores from it).You can play sigils in Alfriedes Grimoire." so that is needed as well for tunnings, with doing the sigils i found it best to save before hand instead of having to buy many, i did the first one 20 times no luck and then tested using a coloful egg from lisette with the sigil and it was instant luck. if you use a colorful egg with each sigil, it should take no more than 3 tries max, it didnt for me. now i just need the last 2 levels for lestin and i have my last achievement for the game
  8. excella and jinas do count towards tunings and center stage, hit the point on my second play through on refrain mode this time to see that the percents have gone up
  9. Thanks for the guide. but for the tunings, theres also monsters you have to kill after beating the game for tunings (requiem for the enemy) monsters and maxing each characters tuning, atleast one including excellas and jinas count towards it atleast for me, same goes for center stage. i did original mode with out them and couldnt get either achievement in that playthrough, tuning was in the 70% area after getting everyone to a max weapon, fernados quest done, and killing the monsters, and for center stage i was at 77% with out excella and jinas. also for the afection under status it does not say love or housed, atleast for me in the original playthrough i checked. i have all their endings except jinas and excella and im almost done with that playthrough for the last 5 achievements
  10. you choose one ending, beat the boss, it saves and loads you right in front of the boss and you can go play post game or do another ending if you have it ready already. i finished everything in original mode, now im half way through refrain mode and got 1 date for excella and jinas, save their sigils till you have their endings and then talk to alfriede to get that other achievement
  11. for the endings talk to them at every campsite and every time in town to try and get event/dates. around the fourth one you can get their ending i believe. i have 3 and i about to have 2 more in the next couple hours, much harder in post game, definitely do it during progression
  12. they say the game takes 40-50 hours. i beat it in 35 but it has post game to get all the endings and other achievements, while in post game going for endings im at 47 hours right now. i suggest playing refrain mode if you are going for achieves, i did original and missed out on achieves and gotta do a separate play through for them. i like the characters and combat style of the game honestly. theres a lot of running back and forth though, theres a dungeon thing you can do for farming which is pretty awesome and helpful for getting specific items for crafting. the monster log to tell you things kinda sucks, you have to kill certain mobs enough or get lucky enough to get their figure to learn about them or you can pay 500 gold and take a chance for a figure in town, i spent 400k and got mostly the same monsters but i had to find out what dropped a certain item, theres no guides in English on google and it sucks. if you get the game and have questions, my gt is grim1192, message and if i can help i will
  13. i love the game, im at the end of my first run. didnt have a guide so i missed a few achievements for sure but got most of them. i think the game was fantastic
  14. so ive destroyed two plague hearts at night using molotovs and bombs and the achievement will not pop. is any one else having this problem, i tried to google and youtube it but found nothing
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