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  1. no new achievements? anyone? anyone?
  2. just got this from gamefly Q, anyone need boosting for online?
  3. looking to get level related achievements for SO. Specifically No One Left Behind, What Power Outage, and No Easy Way Out GT Siziolvec
  4. sent you a message supremeslayer edit: also looking for level specific achievement (bros to the close), and spartan ops chievvos (no one left behind, what power outage?, no easy way out)
  5. it was good playing with you all. superb job last night.
  6. if anyone starts up a game - siziolvec. I'm in.
  7. but that sawtooth sword man, used that thing the entire game. still havent found a better sword
  8. when does it show he's multilingual other than his native tongue and english?
  9. i locked 100% at 32 hours. but it took me 4ish hours to finish encyclopedia of the common man achievement. ending my play at 37 hours. i put in an extra 4ish hours to get the multiplayer achievements. most of the grinding i did single player wolfpack. where i leveled from 8-20 in 4 or 5 lvl completed matches. so 1000/1000 took me maybe 43-45 hours.
  10. followed your guide, all in one go. thanks man. ended up with 610 in one playthrough.
  11. you dont necessarily need the hack. if you load up a memory, like 2-1, and then wait to abort until after the cutscene and you take control, it'll reboot to early morning (I haven't tested it, but I feel it reboots to the time of sequence.)
  12. trying to boost these online achievements, pm me: siziolvec
  13. hey, sent you a message. I'm willing to go through this, we can start tonight if you're up for it? or work over the weekend. If that's all filled up, I'm also looking to go through it twice for insanity.send me a message to my GT
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