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  1. Some comments: - Maniac is easily doable right now. I used SOR1-Axel (who is a beast and his super destroys the final robot boss in 1-2 hits) and got only had to work for it on Stages 1 and 7 (used SOR3-Axel). If you want to wait for patch that's fine, but you can do it right now, the process isnt any different than you would on other difficulties. - Out of this world combo can also be done this way solo: Use Floyd Pick Mania Story Use the biggest assist (also helps with Mania level clear) In stage 2, get to the tazer cop, and when the cells open, try to start your combo and spam your Star Powers (make sure you retry and pick best assist first) and try to continue your combo on the cops on the right. If you do enough damage (combo is based on Damage, not number of hits) you should get the achievement. If not, just reset level. - Perfect no-hit Pick Stage 7 Easy Use Skate-SOR3 Spam his forward Y move, it has insane i-frames and you barely lose health on easy, you can also avoid the signs with it Be careful of Tazercops, and when you get to the boss, avoid Grenades. Eat health when you can, and spam move. Focus on the boss itself. - 5 Million Score You could use same strat used in Perfect but you only get about 10-12k a run (more if perfect). I had about 3 million from working on the all clear achievements, after that I played Mania because you get points from ranks on difficulties you haven't cleared yet. So if I got S-Rank I would get over 100k points. There's no easy trick to this that I could see, you just have to play a bunch. - S rank in general Despite the patch issues, S rank is easily obtainable. Combo honestly does not make or break your chances. Most important is health + lives. Eat food when full health, you get points. On a level with an arcade machine, ignore food nearby, and use the machine first. You come back full health, so you can eat food for points. SOR1-Axel is really good, but play with who you do best with / can avoid hits the best with.
  2. Can someone spoil the ending please.
  3. Do it solo, and do the God Mode glitch. Literally all you do is click "Join Game" under your gamertag and the glitch works. You can do [every single achievement, even the sticker pack] with this glitch, with some pre-work involved. Before you activate the glitch, make sure: - You put in all 3 coins for each toy [Zombies do not drop coins once glitch is activated] - Buy the Gold Teeth and get a Brute to smash it, then place the teeth [Brutes do not attack when glitch is activated] (set up the Seti-Com and fail it to get a Brute to spawn early) - Start the UFO quest for the Arcane Core (go in PAP room and hold X next to the soul jar) - Do the Trap requirement for each step so the UFO begins doing a larger lap for souls [Zombies will not spawn near the traps] - Do the Cryo Grenade Battery step at Polar Peak [Zombies will not spawn near the Yeti to freeze] - The other batteries can be earned without the need for Zombies [Zombies can still drop grenades if you need Cluster/Frag/Semtex for the grenade juggling battery] Once the glitch is activated (run into the PAP room so you dont get swarmed when doing the glitch) you can do the Seti-Com defense without worry, you can kill brutes without worry, you can kill the alien without worry, you can blow up the UFO without worry, you can get the Exquisite Core without worry. I finished everything by Scene 22, and you can do it much earlier with the glitch. Do it now before this gets patched.
  4. You could try deleting a character and getting it leveled up enough to be able to attune all the artifacts, but unfortunately you are stuck. I am in the same boat, and I really do not want to delete a character I have hundreds of hours on -- if that will even fix the achievement. Just wait for some kind of patch.
  5. New patch did nothing to help this achievement (I hoped) - but I did finish hard raid and got that achievement just fine. Would have 100% completion.... rip
  6. Glitched for me as well: - Attuned all 8 on my "main" - Got the emblem - Checked the book goal afterward - Did the "Change Profile" trick - No achievement - Went to a second character, attuned all 8 - No achievement Nothing I can do, Bungie will have to patch this. Someone I know got the achievement just fine doing those exact steps. So I must have done something that screws up the achievement.
  7. Small update but Wrath of the Machine is 370 light recommended (380 enemies at the final boss). Raid is VERY doable if you are at 360-365 though. Hard mode will probably be 380 - 400 re: artifact sharing You need to finish the story on each character first before you can get the quest for the artifact itself - but once you get the artifact on one character, you can move it over to the others (your main) and simply head over to Tyra who lets you light the fire immediately. No clue how week two will work in regards to new artifacts, probably will make you do more "Noble Deeds" for another artifact. Also Tyra does not have "multiple bounties" - that's Shiro. Also make sure you get the SIVA fragments on ONE CHARACTER - right now there is a bug with Grimoire score with them, where logging on another character shows a different grimoire. Best to play it safe and stick with one character.
  8. The leveling has been made super casual since the April update. A couple raids and you'll be 335 in no time.
  9. Looks similar to Taken King for the most part. http://i.imgur.com/vX1LiVi.png
  10. Looking to get in on any boost sessions. Want to get some achievements before I sell this game off. GT: demi
  11. I got one USE YOUR GOD DAMN MICROPHONE I dont care if its a Kinect mic. TALK Party Chat killed this game...
  12. Most if not all of the achievements are POTGs by themselves, but instead this game thinks a Bastion is more worthy
  13. For the rogue boosting method you should probably point out that everyone involved will lose a lot of rank if that matters to them. Especially when high rank you can lose hours of progress. I looked over your current draft and theres really not much to say more. This is an easy, natural 1000 that isnt really too time consuming. Especially with the intel perk that shows all collectables.
  14. I have that same issue with the asthma echo but I still got all the achievements for them. The icon simply wont disappear, is all. You can check each section's collectable count (Intel > Field Data), maybe the same happened with you.
  15. Looking to trade Rogue Kills - only need about 13 more. Message demifish
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