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  1. Looking to finish this game. Just need the 3 hour MP achievement. Can do it idling. Edit (11/4/16): I have it finished now. GT = BipedFungus484
  2. I had the same thing happen. I went into the second part and saw a computer on the minimal in the stables. When I picked it up it said 9 of 8 found. When I finished the level I went to the ship computer and it worked.
  3. I'm on a Microsoft Surface. This won't work.
  4. Ok, I'll bite. How or where do you get that?
  5. I have this on the phone and have several achievements. I really don't want to start over. Does anyone know if the achievements from the phone cross or add to the win8 version? Or if the two games link? Thanks
  6. With the update for February 2015, there were many achievements added. Yea, that's great... add achievements 2 years after I got the original 3. But what gets me is before the update, your progress for the Windows 8 version and Windows Phone version shared progress. I was working on the W8 version so that when I got all of the medals, they would transfer over to the WP. This was primarily due to only having to do 100 rounds of each game in W8 as apposed to 200 rounds in WP for the medals. I was almost done with all of them and BAM, the update comes along and erases all of my progress up to this point. PLUS, now the 2 versions don't share data. I can't convey how mad and disappointed with windows I am with this.
  7. BipedFungus484 Just trying to get this done or as much as I can before it shuts down!
  8. For those trying for this achievement, do it as early as you can, preferably before you try to play the actual levels. I made the mistake of trying this after I had gone up to Level 10. The reason is that the AIs on 13, 14, and 15 will be the same level as you. Getting the 3rd star on 15 in less than 10 minutes has been damn near impossible! Of course, when I first started trying for it the best I got was 10:13 and that leveled me up to 11. Now I can't seem to get better than 10:45!
  9. I don't know if anyone is still playing this, I could use the help on this last achievement. GT: BipedFungus484
  10. I second that. I may see 1 out of 25 matches that have 3 artillery and I always end up with someone on my team that steals the 2nd or 3rd kill when I am trying to get that medal. I have done everything but yell into the mike what I'm trying to do. No love for these achievements.
  11. I went to the right bottom of the screen on the desktop where it shows your clock. Changed the date (You have to have the Minesweeper app completely closed out). Open Minesweeper and it shows the 'new' date. I was able to do this in March, but in April, it wouldn't let me go back to previous months. I haven't tried using the last day of the month yet, I have heard that works for previous 4 months.
  12. I think it means that instead of there just being snow on the ground, it will be falling from the sky. Almost like a winter wonderland. LOL
  13. I would like to be next on the Fallout 3 please. Would like to get in on it before GFWL shuts down. I'll be sure to pass it forward! I posted a while back about doing this exact same thing and passing the games forward. I know I haven't posted much in the forums, but I have been on here for more than a year.
  14. OK, maybe because I haven't posted much or been able to search through the forums, but I have what may seem like a stupid question to some. Knowing that most of the retail stores like GameStop severely rip you off on buying back games, has anyone ever thought about a trading/sharing site for games. Book readers have one where they post the books they have and people pay to have them shipped and send books in return. Yes, I know there is GameFly, but they don't always have some games in stock. Ebay and Amazon are good places to find games, but sometimes the sentimental price of games gets in the way. Anyone ever thought about trading or selling older games that are not available on the marketplace? Especially games that were only available by download or DLC?
  15. After reading the forums, I found that with the title update, adding the new achievements somehow glitched this save for My360Achievements. Go to the top left of the page and click on "My Checklists". When your list appears, click the red X to the right of this game and delete your progress. Then re-add the game to your list and it should fix the problem. It did for me.
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