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  1. sounds good might have to purchase thanks mate
  2. HI ive bought this and played on it and i really enjoyed it but i had the first and didnt like it is this the same gameplay as DR2?
  3. thanks for the quick replies, yeah ive been trying to get the acheivements as i play through so my charecters were like level 5 or 6 think i may have to just wait untill last to do this one seems very tough thiough!!
  4. Ive been struggling on this cheevo for ages now and i just cant seem to get it is there any hints and tips, also does anyone know of any video guisdes for it?
  5. ive just started this bought it for like 400MSP and i think its a ghreat little time passer!!
  6. i only played on X and onwards but i dont think any of the new ones have been close to that
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