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  1. I think it will win, but even through I didn´t play it yet, not even beta, I really don´t want it to win, it just feels weird and still very CoDish, and that forced 6vs6. Nope, thanks. I already am giving ma hands down for Destiny through.
  2. Wait, WTF man, suppresion ribbons hard to get? Are you being serious? THAT SHIT DEFINITELY WAS SUPER-UBER-MEGA-ANIME-SOMETHING-EASY, you just freaking take an LMG and start suppresin´ lol. Dunno what to say about that.
  3. First of all, it would be DICE gettin lazy, not EA. Second, DICE is not lazy because of this, they released those maps in Second Assault because people wanted them, after all - Gulf of Oman is one of the best BF maps ever, if not the best one (for me it is!).
  4. Wat. Are you simply implying that getting 6 sniper kills in a round is somehow hard? Slap yourself if thats what you mean.
  5. EA are just shit publishers. DICE are developers. This is developers´s stuff to take care of.
  6. They´re probably high right now, eating pizza or doritos. Take my word. Seriously through, it will be 2 months from release of the game and this DLC in 16 days and it will still probably not be fixed. Next DLC was supossed to come out sometime in spring if I´m not wrong, the last 2 following in sometime in summer. I mean, jesus, do they even know about this achievement issue? Goddamit, all they did in BF3 is fix stuff that didn´t have to get fixed, MAV C4, MAV flying - the fun shit, so I really don´t know what they´re doing right now all the time, "fixin" Jihad-c4 attacks or what? I´m not angry, I just think DICE is fockin retarded or somethin, really....
  7. It´s simply glitched, not a single person in the world has them. Just go kick his ass.
  8. Yeah, what the fockin fock, yo. It was like 10 days from my last fockin rage, yo and still no fockin fix, yo. Some ass needs to be fock´t up kickt hard, yo. Atleast from tommorow through 3 days I won´t fockin care, yo. Yo, atleast I didn´t fockin swear so fockin much like last time, yo. Fuck DICE or EA, yo?
  9. > Paracel Storm, Golmud Railway, Rogue Transmission and maybe other maps - use attack jet (stealth jet is not as good but still ok). > Destroy gunships, easy kills, alot of times it is full = 3 people. One map I had like 9-10 kills > Ewok style celebration
  10. What´s wrong with bongs or marijuana leafs? Not even close to being offensive. Dicks on the other hand.... but that´s no-ones business, everyone who is old enough to actually play the game (let´s say 14+) would know it´s just... well.... dick emblem... nothing really offensive lol.
  11. There were like 3 fucking patches between 22nd of November and now, still neither fucking fixes the fucking achievements, what a fucking joke. I don´t want to hear what the fuck other thing DICE is fixing, I want my fucking achievements and I want them fucking now. Fuck you DICE you fucking fucks. Actually I´m not fucking angry ok, just want this fucking issue to be fucking dealt with. .... fucking crap.
  12. You don´t need to get it in air supperiority, you can get it in any mode, conquest is best offcourse. And if you´re bad with jets anyway (like me)... go for gunships (ac-130) in conquest.
  13. Hoped for more then trees moving and sounds. Such a disapointment DICE gives us, hopefully Naval Strike will bring some awesome Megalodon closure lol!
  14. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6I27mJyZi0]Battlefield Friends - Battlefield 4 - YouTube[/ame] conspiracy going on here between BF Friends and DICE lol.
  15. Okay so, players have less HP in Hardcore, vehicles don´t show HP so that´s also a disadvantage for the enemy, Bomber being avaible doesn´t show up it´s avaible so there isn´t many people around it whatsover (I found myself with max 2 people there, when I played normal of Gulin Peaks there were once like 8 people srsly) = you only need to time 1:30 between someone getting out of the bomber until there is another one avaible and bam, you´re in it. Especially easy map for kills is Altai Range, there are alot of vehicles and like minimally 2 Mobile AA for enemy team, and those are the easiest targets! They usually don´t move whatsoever and the enemy inside just wants to get some air vehicles destroyed, so that´s easy target (killed them almost everytime, only time I didn´t is that I completely missed the shots lol). Don´t try going for infantry kills unless you´re almost totally sure (snipers n stuff) - mobile AA and light-tanks are the easiest to destroy! Also about my 9 kills with the bomber in a single round of Altai Range... I did that in a first 1/3 or first half of the whole round, so if I tried the whole game, who knows, maybe I would have 15-20 kills, not kidding.
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